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  1. I have nine accounts going right now that are all level threes and have been going 24 hours straight I guess it's all preference but I mean yeah no real player picks cabbages for hours on end so it can't be hard to tell it's a bot
  2. Thank you will take a look at it when I come home from work in a few hours. The update must have broken some Tribot methods
  3. @mute i apologize it just ran for 15 hours straight not sure why it was acting up before that all day tho
  4. I do not recommend using this bot to anyone reading, it just skulled attacking another play and made me lose all three items
  5. nate1283

    Friends adding script

    Hello looking for someone that could make me a rs3 basicly i need the script to add 200friends to friendlist of the accounts provided,basicly log in to account from user:pass txt add 200friends from usernames.txt ,log off, log in to new account and repeat the process and so on if you can do this please pm me ur skype thanks