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  1. @iant06 the script is really good,any way you could possibly speed up the tasks when it banks and stuff? getting about 600 nats crafted a hour if that sounds correct, it also doesnt sip energy pots when i have them selected, other than that it is really good
  2. possibly a april fool's, but who knows, maybe that means we will have better service in the future and potentially get mains unbanned or some shit
  3. @Tri when the bot is world hopping it will run all the way east to the entrance? looks really bot-like.
  4. @Mute is not eating lobster at all man and i have lobster activated.
  5. i hope they are setting up bank pins
  6. yeah people still use full guthans, would be less of a risk because only having to click once every 20 minutes instead of rockcaking and flashing prayers. say someone was just trying to get xp and do homework for college.
  7. @Liam. maybe add a afk guthans way? and allow us to change our own interval time would be nice! i believe with guthans we only need to interact every 20 minutes if you are in constant combat
  8. you god you, almost match up to gucci mane
  9. @Encoded when will abc2 be implemented?