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  1. Try switching to mobile internet if you have data to spare, I'm using my 3g Dongle to be able to use it.
  2. Same issue here... I haven't been able to bot for like 24 hours.
  3. Exact same message when I attempt to login.
  4. Still having this issue..
  5. It's been there for a while it seems to have my home IP blacklisted, when I'm at my dorm it works fine. No.
  6. PLEASE remove Recaptcha from the TRiBot Client.. I can't log in as I can only see 2/3 of the images displayed and cannot scroll right, and I end up not being able to complete the Captcha and cannot log in..
  7. Pm me your Skype I can help you find out if you got a RAT or not and direct you in what tools you should use to remove it.
  8. Yeah you probably have a RAT, they didn't wanna clean you all at once so they probably went for the new account. They definitely have access to your email if they deleted those emails.
  9. Awesome spam script. This will come into good use.. lol
  10. You can instantly change bank pins, I can help you out if needed.
  11. https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/instance_manager/ ^
  12. Thanks for this great script, works great for me with LG, I've botted 1-50 construction on several accounts. Pretty handy script.
  13. As far as I know you need to have your own Proxy, usually a SOCKS5 proxy, setup is fairly easy if you click on "Proxy" in the loader, insert your proxy/authentication info.
  14. Which script/methods are you using if you don't mind me asking?
  15. Isn't that RS3 running in the taskbar? lol