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  1. So If I just skill there's less chance I'll get banned?
  2. Went to start RS again and bot some pures, all banned within 4 days. What am I doing wrong? Got extended VIP for human mouse movements... Not suicide botting either, did them realistic hours, with breaks, with quests in between, etc. Rounded accounts too, they were all similar stats, round about as follows: 5 att, 47 str, 1 def, 1 prayer, 40 mage, 37 range. 50 cooking, 45 firemaking, 44 crafting, 38 woodcutting, 17 mining, etc.
  3. I've just come back and some of my premium scripts have gone, like, wtf?
  4. I read that somewhere, can I not upgrade without paying the whole amount again?
  5. I've read that VIP doesnt get human mouse data but VIP-E does, being as I just paid VIP can I pay an extra 2 credits or so and get the Extended added to my account so I can use the human mouse data? Adam
  6. I just completed one of them 700 click things, it says it saved in XXXXX but I can't seem to even locate that on my computer. Standby whilst I keep looking, but can someone tell me how to activate that into my client and bots? Thanks
  7. Saying I don't have permission to see it? Also how do I activate the human mouse movement data I just completed?
  8. I can't find the looking glass thing people are talking about, I've just logged the 700 clicks on human mouse data, how to I activate that into my client? it still loads saying this: [13:18:54] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data encryption key not found.
  9. rsnats

    Looking Glass?

    I can't find any 'looking glass' option?
  10. Just started again 2 days ago, account already banned. Only using Premium AIO fighter which I bought a while ago, I've also done a few quests in between things to mix it up and be 'legit'. Thoughts? Advise?
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