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  1. Any experience latley anyone? Started 2 pures few months back and both were banned within a few days.
  2. They're back on the ball with bans latley, last 6-7 accounts I've made have been banned perm, except 2 which had 2 day bans. Before that I managed to make 2 SOTD pure and 1 60 attack pure all with 99 thieving. Before them ones, last year I had like 4 accounts banned I was trying to make pures to sell. And before that ban wave I made 2 mains, one I sold with like 50m exp and another which is my actual main, like 100m exp botted. I can't really make sense of it, I use breaks sometimes, with my actual main I didn't use any break I never knew about them. Used guthan switch on slayer monsters, mostly bloodvelds for 14 hours at a time, also did like 100 hours in fightcave lol.
  3. was getting stuck in varrock now it doesnt even work, almost crashes when i start script, stop it and its all fine again
  4. Is there a premium version of this which you can make? I want it banking and eating as soon as hp drops like 15hp, eating at low life is asking for trouble. I want it to eat to stay above 90% hp please? LMK
  5. Working for me again atm although I died just now. Make sure you guys have noted food in the FIRST inventory slot, I fucked up with that once and I thought it was broken for days, lol. This script is real good when its working, scripter took a while to fix it last time but nonetheless, defo worth the money. Got 99 on a main. 99 on a SOTD pure and a range hybrid. Got 94/99 now on a 60 attack 1 defence staker account. Almost 4 99's so far, not been banned once. Come back to see public chat people saying I'm reported etc, to no avail.. ~~~~~~~NOTE TO SCRIPTER ~~~~~~~~ Add luring to different buildings? - I see legit people in the other buildings, one east of the menaphite thugs tent and another south east of the bandits dye store. Just having the dye store and the small menaphite tent is bait. Implement an ANTI-LURE/TROLL - Come back yday and noticed a legit player lureing like 4 menaphites into my tent, obviously the bot tried to carry on and couldn't knock out and pickpocket the menaphite. I cussed him out and hopped world, by which time I'm sure he already figured I was a bot and reported me.
  6. 46 Thieving, Trout in inventory. Not working for me, first it ran to Ali the barman, now it's status is: setting up.
  7. well they didnt get on the email i guess?
  8. appear to have the problem with the script not showing up in client again i purchased this with cash a couple years ago, not with credits.
  9. They manually do that? They took a fury, some gold trimmed gear etc, left combat brace, few hundred tele tabs and those sort of things... But they had tried to change my password so it seemed? My anti virus is up to date my dad's always ontop of that stuff. I've scanned my computer, ran ccleaner and changed all my info.. I had 3 bots logged in, the 2 that were fine had 20m+ each in gear/bank The one that got hacked only had like a fury then some gold trimmed and supplies so if they controlled my computer like they did yours, they could have got that.
  10. My brothers email used to create the account. Obv my brother but he doesn't play and he's my brother, lol. It's a password nobody could ever guess. This is why I'm confused... Email login which is my brothers IRL name and some numbers Password is a word me, my dad and brother made up, no one could guess or spell it. Compromising my computer and therefore the document with all my accounts info is the only way I could think of someone getting access. But if that's the case, my main was untouched with 100m+, my 2 other pures where botting at the same time are still logged in so they wouldnt have been able to get on those, but IDK why the hacked account logged out unless someone ddosed it? My dad's come and scanned my computer whilst I went on his and changed all my info. They had tried to change the password on the hacked account. He asked me if I'm sure it's not the bot being as I have all my info on the client because my computer (as far as we're aware) hasn't been compromised but of course not, I told him tribot has access to hundreds and thousands of dollars worth probably, what I lost is only worth like £10 lol. tl;dr 1 acc with lowest wealth compromised main account untouched 2 other accounts with more wealth were still logged in so couldnt get on them if they had access no way to be guessed, computer not compromised, etc I still have no clue. You're cool, have a sticker.
  11. I was using monkfish yeah, not really looked properly what they took, they took my gear and cash though.
  12. I just logged on and my account has been cleaned of it's items. I was last botting AIO combat at crawling hands, noticed my account is logged out. Try to log on, says still logged on. I just got on, someone has cleaned my account, they only got like 6m but I'm really confused as to how I've been compromised. Never been hacked before, I don't even know I'm confused. Do scripts handle the account info or is it just the client? I'm sure it wasn't anything to do with Tribot, I have used it for years and they have access to alot more on my other accounts.. Can anyone help me figure out how I've been compromised?
  13. There's too many to do a detailed report, the whole things needs sorting out. It keep getting stuck in places like this: saying walking to crabs. https://gyazo.com/ca5da0a861c3beea215551cd9262e549 idles until I come and realise the bots ruined. Last time I ran it for almost an hour, left it, came back and I was behind fally hairdressing shop. If not there I'm spamming around the fremenik market. If not that, I'm getting killed by a hobgoblin and not running from it.
  14. Them goblins are a joke. So is the script to be fair, it's just garbage atm, heavily flawed. When it's not f**king up in other ways, it's stuck here afk 'walking to crabs' https://gyazo.com/ea7c265e91336c5f1bf310ab43db6476
  15. This needs fixing... I come back and it's always sitting at the jalvard boat guy, still with invent of food and pots and tele and coins, just sitting there. All 3 times I've ran this since I bought it, it's happened, 6k/h so it's been sat there majority of the running time. I also encountered a problem using the west spot, it kept running down to the cave to re-aggro I assume, running back and it hadn't ran far enough to re-aggro. Right now as we speak I'm watching it, I just got back. It's running from the pier, to the market place, to the pier clicking out towards waterbirth, going back to market place, afking on pier... It won't take the boat. e/ twice today I have been ring of lifed also, no idea what's causing it. Just caught my bot trying to fight a hob goblin, guess that's what keep ROLing me. Needs an option where it will run from the goblins and not try and fight it, was at 13hp as well so it wasn't eating food whilst being attacked from the goblin.