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  1. prawny

    Suicide Botting

    been here much longer then you champ. Just cause I don't post every day about meaningless events such as donating $5 to the site doesn't mean I'm not on the forums cringing at posts like the ones I've seen you make this past week
  2. prawny

    Suicide Botting

    No one likes you
  3. You used to be able to run this script longer without getting banned. Not anymore. And clearly you never botted 5+ years ago before osrs existed, because there were bots ALL over the internet that looked perfectly human-like. No autistic-like random bs that this script can dish out
  4. This script looks very bot like these days. #1. How can you guarantee it was player reports that caused the ban. #2. You'd be constantly hopping worlds lol. Lots of people do puro puro.
  5. Wasn't aware of how common they were. Made a new account to give another shot at a 2nd set up for this script but didn't even make it to chins before it was banned. Roflz
  6. No I definitely did not. There was a break of a few days after getting 83 hunter and using this script. How would you think they would delay the ban like that. I then used the puro puro script for almost 24 hours straight and boom its perm banned. Their detection methods definitely involved the low leveled stats on this account, but it was most definitely while using this script. That makes no sense.
  7. Perm banned on my fresh new acc using this script. I have another account that was running at the same time, and that one has literally been 24/7ing for the past 3 weeks , and have made around 250m on that acc in total via puro puro (no bans whatsoever). This one was banned within 2 days of doing puro puro. This script looks very bot like and is in need of some cleaning up. Their is another script out there that works just as good now and is cheaper. Keep this as the obvious choice for a puro puro script, seems like it's been kind of ignored for the past little while. Edit: On a positive note, I've learned quite a lot from this ban and have uncovered some valuable information about jagex's detection methods if my other account remains unbanned tomorrow.
  8. Botted my miner acc from 85-92 using this script for a week, just got a 1 day ban last night. Probably guna wait a day or two then suicide til 99. I've been 24/7'ing and it was going rather smoothly until now
  9. perm banned using this script. used to run this flawlessly 24/7 a couple months ago but I took a little break and came back to osrs this week. Botted for less than 2 days and already banned. my hope for this game is diminished, this is mainly why I took a break in the first place, might as well change the name to banscape
  10. been more than a few hours without a single d imp myself
  11. This bot was more stable in the first few weeks of release then it ever has been. Just look when the longest proggy's have been achieved. No god dam way you're getting a 40m proggy these days. Two words for u: FIX IT
  12. Not everyones having problems. Made about 200m so far with it and that's all on just 1 account
  13. Still deciding if this post is either a statement or question.