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  1. [[Avail]] Max Main & Staking [[Progress Thread]]

    thanks captain oblivious!
  2. no thats rule #674 u imbecile
  3. All my items gone

    "Bertha place"
  4. Craigslist Flipping

    They do exist. Some people just don't want to be bothered buying on internet whatsoever.
  5. Craigslist Flipping

    In canada we have a similar site like craiglist for online local postings called kijiji. I'm not a gold farmer, this site is where I've cashed out on the small amounts of rs gp I've made throughout the years and a few accs as well. Often sold the gold for about 2x market price, always in person.
  6. *QUESTION* about selling a money making method.

    IRL (jag)police already detected this method and I got a 1 year ban on leaving my house
  7. Suicide Botting

    been here much longer then you champ. Just cause I don't post every day about meaningless events such as donating $5 to the site doesn't mean I'm not on the forums cringing at posts like the ones I've seen you make this past week
  8. Suicide Botting

    No one likes you
  9. never said it wasn't true. 2. i know you'd like that babe
  10. kid you've never been vip how can you even vouch for erickho like that
  11. Monkey madness 2- New range weapon

    That in no way means that it was a single person hoarding javelins, or even 10 people. Lots of people would have small amounts just sitting in their bank and many people started merching them yesterday. I'm sure a few people made some pretty insane money but it wouldn't be concentrated to one person like you're implying..
  12. Sore losers? yes or no..

    Anyone who likes their own comments obviously has daddy issues. Let em be
  13. Monkey madness 2- New range weapon

    wow u rly perfektd ur contrl c and vs... much impresed..