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  1. thanks captain oblivious!
  2. "statistics"
  3. no thats rule #674 u imbecile
  4. lol gud 4 me xD Guess I didn't do my research. 1m each is ight wit me.
  5. "Bertha place"
  6. no.
  7. They do exist. Some people just don't want to be bothered buying on internet whatsoever.
  8. In canada we have a similar site like craiglist for online local postings called kijiji. I'm not a gold farmer, this site is where I've cashed out on the small amounts of rs gp I've made throughout the years and a few accs as well. Often sold the gold for about 2x market price, always in person.
  9. IRL (jag)police already detected this method and I got a 1 year ban on leaving my house
  10. been here much longer then you champ. Just cause I don't post every day about meaningless events such as donating $5 to the site doesn't mean I'm not on the forums cringing at posts like the ones I've seen you make this past week
  11. No one likes you
  12. never said it wasn't true. 2. i know you'd like that babe
  13. kid you've never been vip how can you even vouch for erickho like that
  14. This. What's wrong with this kid... definitely dropped on his child as a head