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  1. all done, legit trade with paypal, nice and easy, very helpful for my first time
  2. ORDER FORM Buy 10m OSRS Pay using paypal or CC WIll leave feedback Added on skype
  3. hey, not sure why but u said hi, now wont talk back on chat? kinda in a hurry, want to buy 10m...
  4. Got script yesterday, just a few quick things - first time I've seen dynamic safe spotting, u are the bees knees - at first thought dodgy script, had the same lobster problem but all better now - not sure if its just the updates coming in atm, only been using it for a day n bit, but I can't seem to get a decent proggy past an hour or so. It will just stand there doing nothing. No text in the tribot box underneath or anything... Only wanted to bring it up, because I have the same problem with your aio tri range melee Mage where I can't get a decent proggy (I get 50+ hour proggies with most other scripts like crabs) It's an awesome script, will keep trying different things and will report any decent proggies I can get Also I don't think anyone's falling for the 750k / hr thing... Not very significant as a 45 min proggy lol. Cheers
  5. Also, when its at just under max points (set to buy top), just stands there clicking on ramp, doesn't dismiss the points warning. Not a biggy if your hunting xp (I assume works fine cashing at 100 points), but just means cant leave it overnight if your after gear.
  6. Hey buddy, a lot smoother and less botty than the free one lol. Not sure if its just me, but seem to miss the 50 damage a lot on med boat at 90 range... It will just stand there for 10-15 secs after a portal is down so that by the time it's at the next portal it's already half gone.. Is there any way to make it quicker or perhaps attack creeps until 50 damage? Anyway thanks for the scripts think they're just amazing
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