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  1. Why Choice us? we have 7+years experience in runescape services! we are fast and reliable when it comes to services So please use us we are also a verry great questing services. WHY USE US FOR QUESTING? WE ARE VERY QUALIFIED TO GET THE JOB DONE WHEN IT COMES TO ALL SORTS OF THINGS! WE WILL GIVE U A SET TIME ON EACH QUEST AND GET THEM DONE IN THAT SETT TIME , PLEASE NOTE WE DO PACKAGE DEAL SUCH AS BARROWS GLOVES , MITHRIL GLOVES, ADAMANT GLOVES! Barbarian assualt / pest control) Will be done within the set time we give u and price will be given via skype, TERMS OF SERVICE ~ You are not permitted to log onto the account during the service - Unless I am notified and I agree~ Refunds are at our disgression~ We are not responsible for any mutes, bans or rollbacks~ You will pay the full amount we agree too. Before we start the service~ We will NEVER refuse you a PM SKYPE : tribot.alat
  2. that no were inteands that it's me, that firecape.service account is an imposter, my skype is in the top.
  3. that's not my skype, there is alot off imposter skypes, https://gyazo.com/8717a827964e100d368488614b59c5d7
  4. please add my skype firecape.service im his worker mate i can deal with it
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