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  1. Eeeeek, got two day ban using this script. Only ran it for 6 hours every other day. Was a average main not just a 70-70-70 account.
  2. What method you using? You seem to have gained so much xp over 3 days.
  3. Has anyone actually achieved 99s doing Dharoks method? Any idea how long 99s take doing Dh thanks.
  4. Okay great, thank you for that. Is there any chance someone can show me their GUI of doing Dh Absorption with the best set up, overloads and rock cake so I can copy? Thanks
  5. Would you guys recommend doing Dh for maxed from 70-70-70 or just guthans? I'm wanting overall maxed not too fussed about one skill before the other, just want the quickest :/
  6. Using which method, I've been trying to Dh strength on my 70-70-70 and just seem to having problems with the script, leaving the nmz and banking and so on.
  7. Eric, May you help me set this up, I'm not too sure what I'm doing wrong but doesn't seem to like me, I bought it last night and it pissed me off too much to contact sooner, I've done everything it states but feel it's not right...
  8. Alatariel

    Looking Glass only detects OSBuddy???

    wait, how do you attach looking glass to osbuddy? mine only seems to work on rsclient.. NEVER MIND, FIXED <3
  9. @Mute can you play update this? It is failing too much, needs few updates, I want to pay for the script but would like few tweaks if possible <3
  10. Hi @erickho123 I use to have your script and never had any problems, just activated Trial before purchasing again to make sure it was all working smoothly, however for some unknown reason, when the bot is teleporting to edge, it will sit at teleport spot, and only when i move the camera it begins to rework, however, it will then work for a couple of times and go back to sitting at the edge teleport and keep repeating, I'm not too sure if it's something with the script or not. I'm using normal Tribot client, and tried looking glass does the exact same, tried on my pc and laptop :/
  11. Alatariel

    Request - Premium scripts

    I Guess i'll have to buy to retest, It's a brand new laptop, with 8GB + Ram and all new spec, handles several bots no problem offsite, but tried making wine and didn't run so well, not too sure why, but I guess I'll have to buy to retest :/
  12. Alatariel

    Request - Premium scripts

    I did a trial on this last night, didn't seem to be hitting that , was only getting around 200k an hour, it felt really delayed and slow to be honest, reason i never purchased after the trial.
  13. Alatariel

    Request - Premium scripts

    Yeah, I don't mind paying a few credits if that's what we're talking terms of firemaking, and for the other scripts, I never knew if it was a free script we could request updates, but I'll take note and post on their threads, thank you!
  14. Alatariel

    Request - Premium scripts

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get some premium scripts added to the script Repository. - Firemaking; We don't really have a decent firemaking script, they either stop or don't support all areas, I think we should have one create a premium firemaking script so they're being paid for their services for updating and everything else. - Wine Maker; I know there is some wine making scripts on the cooking scripts, however they're quite slow, and not hitting the 300k xp per hour, not too sure if this is due to the script speed but would personally love to see a dedicated wine script. - Dart maker - Again as the wine maker, we have these inside some scripts, however, They're very slow, unfortunately doing touch screen darts is faster than the script, If it could be created mouse key to make it hella quick I'd definitely buy this. - Stronghold - We have a free stronghold script, however, it has errors, doesn't use the settings to get through doors, I'd be willing to pay for someone to work on one to make it premium, want to be able to bot it without problems of door handling. Not too sure yet what else but i'll update the thread shortly with little more suggestions, I'm sorry if this already been brought up but, haven't seen to see any.