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  1. welshxking

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro [6$ per 3 instances]

    Is their a way to tell it to stay on a certain tile for range safe spotting?
  2. welshxking

    |w| Zulrah Helper [1-3m/hr] - Plugin Tool [RESIZE]

    Amazing scirpt for helping you get the kills, easy to setup and has worked perfectly for me
  3. Incredible scirpt, however I seem to have a very low success rate using it. maybe my levels are to low to use this scirpt + stands in the poison often Is it recommended to not use LG with this scirpt or to use it? Thanks
  4. welshxking

    Bought VIP instead of VIP E

    thank you so much
  5. welshxking

    Bought VIP instead of VIP E

    I bought VIP instead of VIP E (forgot looking glass was vip e), is there anyway I can get a refund or pay the extra $1.50 to upgrade ect ect Thanks
  6. welshxking

    client wont work

    top of the client it says "client" click new client intill it finds it
  7. Hi, Currently using this for high alch, when it logs off for a break it still clicks as if it was still logged in. You can see the cursor changing when it clicks. Also I think everyone wants you to make the script not log out when you click stop, please.
  8. just got perma ban on a account but the script got it from 1-97 in a month, good script. I think i just over used it this week!
  9. it clicks the square they move from, then follows and misses & repeats then gives up and trys to get another one it isnt human like. a human would go fk this and right click it or predict its movement or wait for it to stop im not hating on the script i think its really good, but just pointing out that its abit of an issue
  10. falcon area works well if the kebbit is stood still,but its hopeless when they are moving
  11. how do i set up breaks with this script? it clicks log out whilst fighting and re trys, but the scirpt also attacks another npc straight after a kill.
  12. is there an option to bury bones dont see it in trial?