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  1. Hey, I need someone to code a script for me, are you up for the job? Please let me know. :)


  2. Sorry for no updates for a while, kinda swamped with uni work. Probably going to have to leave this until christmas :/
  3. Z3D AIO Miner [Open Source] [Flawless!]

    I'll take a look, the problem is mainly because of how quickly I threw the script together. I've used Tribots WebWalking instead of custom paths.
  4. Sexual harassment

    Fucking outrageous!! Thank god we have social justice warriors to protect us!
  5. Has Brexit benefited gold selling for us Brits?

    The thing is eventually things will start to get more expensive for us if we don't sort out trade deals, so it will start to balance out again. Just got to wait and see how much worse it can get.
  6. Has Brexit benefited gold selling for us Brits?

    If you had a large amount of money in a foreign currency before Brexit, you would now have more GBP when converting it back. I don't know about everyone else but I was sure that Brexit wasn't going to happen so I converted all my money back into Pounds in hoping the price of the Pound would rise when Brexit fails. I got fucked. Currently though because pound is worth shit, if you get paid in Dollars usually you will now profit more than you would have previously.
  7. Creating a simple GUI

    Ya true, it's very basic. I do still use netbeans although I've heard great things about Window Builder so it might be worth checking that out. Although his method will work it not as clean as it could be.
  8. Creating a simple GUI

    For the record - not my video.
  9. Require premium scripters to have own accounts?

    This thread is a little ridiculous really. Like if you're afraid of a scripter stealing your account then you overvalue your account. Scripter status is worth a lot more than a RS account. But for more practical reasons, chances are if you're using the account to try and bot using there script you'll have everything set up. All they'd have to do is log in and test, this means a lot quicker bug fixes for you. Especially if they don't own a main acc that can run it. Another reason would be that sometimes individuals may experience bugs specific to them which the scripter can't replicate without the use of the users account. Say the have a very specific skill or something.
  10. Chain Ban - The Dreaded transfer-time

    I'd personally sell your gold every 50-100m depending on how fast you're making it. Just so if your mule does get banned you won't lose nearly as much.
  11. API Source?

    I believe intelliJ can decompile some methods but don't quote me on that.
  12. Free 14 days of membership

    I imagine this is too much effort for a lot of people though
  13. Free 14 days of membership

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OX5tjozca20 If I could figure out the dam video tags that'd be great
  14. Lol, this isn't just you trying to get more time because you ran out is it
  15. Z3D AIO Miner [Open Source] [Flawless!]

    It's on my list of things to add, I just kind of ripped this from my account starter script which doesn't really need world hopping. So once I've finished with that I'll start adding features to this.