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  1. Rainy

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer v2 [Pyramid Plunder]

    True. I bet my grandpa has faster reactions, but yeah working flawless so far
  2. Rainy

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer v2 [Pyramid Plunder]

    Hello, I am thinking about buying this script. Looks awesome, just 1 update please: add "pike" as a food. I have tons of them and I would be verry happy to use them here. + I vote for scepre feature
  3. Nice guide, thank you. Is VPN really that good? Have any1 tried elusivens method yet?
  4. Hey Erick, could you add option to disable afk after the farm trip is done please? I do not want to stand there looking like a bot if it is not necessary. I mean waiting for run before logout
  5. Rainy

    Setting Up A Linux Vps For Tribot Botting

    Tyvm for this guide. I didn't know how to open Tribot client. Helped alot
  6. Rainy

    [TUT] How to Check/Play RS on your mobile Device

    I also recomend "alwaysonpc" app, its paid but definitely worth it. Makes virtual pc which support JDK, so u can check/update your bots on VPS. i dont know how that app works, but i can say ITS AWESOME! no pc needed, only better phone/another device with android/iOS and u r ok i can say that it works fine on galaxy 2 and iphone 5. Hope this post helped
  7. Rainy

    [OSR] D's Ultimate bot kit.

    I'm using Dclay and it works A+ . Vouch for you TheD, dont stop scripting!