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  1. Hi there Mute, I purchased this script today hwoever I'm receiving an issue: When I run the script the GUI does not come up, it states 'script started' but nothing displays. I definitely have java 8 installed, the firewall permissions are properly set. This does not happen with any other script. Would you be able to shine some light on the matter? Thanks
  2. @TRiLeZ Please can you fix the issue with VIP - E members receiving the 'Encryption key not found' error when loading the client?
  3. Would really appreciate some feedback regarding the issue of VIP-Extended users NOT receiving the human mouse data (encryption key not found).
  4. If it's automatically used how come it doesn't load, it says 'No encryption key found' when I'm VIP Extended?
  5. I'm VIP Extended, however when I load TriBot it says ' Could not load Human Mouse - Reason: No encryption key found'. How do I rectify this?
  6. Bought the 1-2 bot plan, says the server is online however following the instructions given by e-mail I am completely un-able to connect to the VPS via VNC nor SSH.... Submitted a ticket on the website but haven't revieved a reply as of yet
  7. This isn't even banking the unids for me when it gets a full inventory, it simply carries on killing the warriors leaving the herbs on the floor...
  8. Bought VIP Extended 2 days ago, still not active... This guys' going to have a hefty chunk of PayPal chargebacks if this carries on.....