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Jerkey Chew

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  1. Pretty good specs man
  2. Currently right now I have a dedicated server with these specs: Intel Core 2 Quad 5IP v4 4GB Ram Storage-250GB SATA Traffic 4TB Contact me if you wish to buy
  3. You most definitely do not need 32 gigs to run 20 accounts and I could sell you a VPS way cheaper than that, that will run 20 accounts .
  4. @solidpower4 I can help you add my skype
  5. @Archvist The client is not detectable man its you not the client.
  6. Gay, happy B day
  7. Pretty much if you do not get insta banned after you made an account then you are not IP flagged.
  8. Just released a new update I believe https://tribot.org/forums/topic/35793-tribot-release-9112-0/
  9. Well ive been running my farm about 3-4 months starting with 20 accounts now im down to 17 and still making profits, first things first be smart.
  10. FTP is cool but not really needed.
  11. Nice guide
  12. Well if its 50$ for 1 account 1-85 mining I can do that.
  13. 3 accounts 1-85 mining hand done, for 40-50$ good luck man 85 mining accounts sell for way over 50 or 40 bucks so why would someone do all 3 for that price? Just a question you should ask yourself I mean I would do then but if you were saying 40-50$ each.
  14. niceness
  15. I uploaded it to the root folder.