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Jerkey Chew

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  1. Pretty good specs man
  2. Yes exactly that is what we are looking for.
  3. So my sig was deleted and my thread was basically deleted because i had external links to my market website so what about all the other people who have them. So basically I had a thread linked to my website which is ********* and it was deleted and also my sig was deleted WTF are you serious its not like im linking someone to another botting forums its my actual website. So if thats the case the tiempo sales should be able to have there's linked to there site am i right ? So if im getting this right i cant have anything saying any name of my site or anything like that because whenever I click other people threads it links to threads so am i being singled out or something and ive been having my sig like 2 weeks with no problems. So can my sig be like this https://tribot.org/forums/user/26148-tiemposales/
  4. 07 Questing Service Novice Short $2.05 Novice Medium $2.30 Novice Long $3.50 Intermediate Short $3.50 Intermediate Medium $4.60 Intermediate Long $5.25 Experienced Short $6.05 Experienced Medium $6.95 Experienced Long $7.05 Master $8.95 Grand Master $16.95 Recipe for Disaster $30.95 For any support please add our skypes:
  5. Currently right now I have a dedicated server with these specs: Intel Core 2 Quad 5IP v4 4GB Ram Storage-250GB SATA Traffic 4TB Contact me if you wish to buy
  6. You most definitely do not need 32 gigs to run 20 accounts and I could sell you a VPS way cheaper than that, that will run 20 accounts .
  7. I can do it your payment option is credit card right if so add my partner on skype live:ripd2014
  8. click the insert then click enter
  9. @solidpower4 I can help you add my skype
  10. @Archvist The client is not detectable man its you not the client.
  11. Still looking for a developer
  12. Online Buying
  13. Gay, happy B day
  14. Title basically says what we are looking for, currently looking for someone who can develop an index page for our WHNCS site, were also looking to hire a monthly tech support guru. If you have any questions please feel free to add my partners skype live:ripd2014 because he will be the one doing the payouts. Must be able to web develop and Gfx Could also add Dreaming him and rip are current Admins of the site.