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  1. Hi, I need a very simple script made it will involve using tribots auto login if you store an account with tribot and once logged in clicking 1 npc (which moves in the area always one on screen). Once the npc is clicked the bot can sleep until the account is logged out then run tribot account login and repeat. There really is no botting functionality.
  2. Could I buy with rsgp or is it credits only? EDIT - Got with credits It spams i'm missing item id 5329 even though I have magic ones equipped
  3. Is this bot working? I'm looking to get it but unsure if its working from reading the last few pages of comments
  4. For me the bot has issues picking up dropped jars it fines a new impling to catch but leaves the jar on the floor
  5. I do a lot of cardio at the moment, throughout the week with various sports but never really did weights so I was just thinking I would give it a go. I found my brothers chinup bar so I can use that too I'm doing a mix of dumbell exercises pushups and pull ups. I have a fair bit of free time and could do it 3 times a day in smaller stages for example 20 - 30mins, Is that something I should do?
  6. Can't you only generator 30 jars each time with that, before it breaks? When you catch imps it does misclick and you can choose to bank those so when I go through over 1k jars I can get quite a few back.
  7. Hi, So I have a dumbell set and just wanted to really get my chicken arms in shape, I have found a number of good videos on youtube of basic lifts reps etc.. But I found after I've done a set I'm just so tired and the number of reps I can do the second time round really drops off I keep going until fail, but my arms are never sore and never ache the next day or at all after. I don't feel that I push myself hard enough. Should I lower to reps or weight so I can do more sets? At the moment I'm doing high weight and low reps on a number of exercises.
  8. You can just set it not to hop, find a world none else is doing puro puro on german worlds are only down for 24 hours it would be a waste for it him to script it so it doesn't.
  9. Yes I will its my main account, I don't really want to lose it. The way I see it I was scammed 50m... I'm not going to rwt because I don't want to waste real money, I'm not going to carry on playing with nothing in the bank I just cba so if I bot the gold back I will carry on playing.. If I get banned I would have stopped playing anyway..
  10. I got scammed 50m+ so I'm botting to return that gold before I carry on to play legit again..
  11. Not it happened to me also its rare to occur but does happen in the same situation (cornered imp).
  12. WARNING! Still has a hugely detectable bug - When catching a low level impling to stop the rare ones being set free it kept casting at the imp but never moved to try to catch it, I saw it happen once before moved the bot and it fixed itself, but a second time I have reported it - Also - Snares an impling in the same lane and sometimes move back into the middle a lane and then re-snares Also - Signatures don't update
  13. What happens if you set it to catch implings and it runs out of jars? You should add an update to say with the last 50 jars it will catch low level implings and exchange them for jars then return to catch better ones
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