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  1. @nick90 on the 29th MOD Wealth banned 400 bots. If it was on the 30th then it was a flagged IP.
  2. bloods

    Setting up a VPS using Tribot - is this no lag?

    I can run 5 Looking Glass bots on an 8 core 4.2Ghz computer with 85%-100% CPU. On that same computer I can run about 30+ Normal Client bots with 80-90% cpu. Ram never goes above 6gb for both. I have noticed on some of my computers LG will freeze if there not configured properly.
  3. bloods

    Selling fresh accounts!

    The fact that there all probably on one IP there worthless maybe .10 a pop.
  4. @daxmagex Its been a while since I used the script and after I seen the file button I was like well I remember that being there ages ago derp. I pm'd you regarding an issue however.
  5. Started this on Thursday still not banned 24/7. I have a personal anti-ban that I go through on each account so they don't get banned. Also @daxmagex Why is there still not a save settings option? Am I missing it? This is needed for me since you have to change the settings so much while leveling.
  6. bloods

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    Vouch for @erickho123 I was one of the first people to test this script when it was in its starting phase. I'm glad to see that this script has been working for years with still continued support by the owner.
  7. @Assume I'm sorry I thought it was. Who was the original owner of this script? Even the first page has your name on it. I would edit the post stating that your working on it and ownership has changed.
  8. This script was great a year ago. Has not been updated since then. Would never buy from this person again because of the lack of support.
  9. That moment when @daxmagex updates the script while setting up bots.... Now I need to make new settings. Whats new in 2.16? EDIT: Just seen the post above me. Anyway will you ever make the script save the tile formation setting even if you update the script? As these almost never change. And if they do the user should take note of there bots and re-create the settings. Also I started to use the Normal Client since a friend of mine started using it without any bans. (Also because of the new update) This script works flawless in the normal client. Mod Wealth is still on Vacation as far as I know so its safe to use and the profits for me have sky rocketed. Hopefully he is on Vacation for another week which would be wonderful.
  10. This is a client issue. Please wait for it to be updated. Runescape was updated this morning @senilesy @towelman @rswiz EDIT; Two out of the Three of my computers have no issue logging in and out and hopping after deleting the hooks data.
  11. @daxmagex I'm getting this after I re ran the script. One of your updates broke this as it made me make the settings. Was flawless 16 hours ago when I started it for the day... It happens only when attacked by a Pker Ram is at 1024MB running 1 Looking Glass. So its not a OutOfMemoryError
  12. @daxmagex How does the script black list people? If a bot gets attacked by another user (Who is not blacklisted) do both users get blacklisted? Because I have level 3s that are blacklisted without attacking back. Personally I would like an option that I could add just my bots as another option just in case all my accounts get black listed. Just an option would be a redundant if you get the blacklist working flawlessly. As for the script as a whole your doing a great job. I just want to help perfect it. EDIT: Is there anyway you could make the script keep the settings after a minor update? Mainly formation to be kept... As it takes time to readd 3-4 formations in the wilderness and the tiles do not change unless a major Runescape Update happens. @Goddness its due to the updates.
  13. This is a bug three users have reported it now. Give him time to look into it. It is a new feature so don't expect new things to work right away.
  14. @daxmagex I was also seeing some of my level 3s who had auto attack on get black listed. No clue way this happend auto attack was not on all on them.