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  1. EXTREAM Gold Farm

    1.7m even per account is low for 10 hours... That's 170k an hour which is very low. My methods make 300k + an hour or more. Anyways when I first started out I was making around 110-150k an hour so its a start. Good luck.
  2. New Trade Logger?

    So I have used the same account to "mule" for over a year that has traded bonds to 100s of bots and xfered to 100s of sellers. So this might just be it checking up to me. But I seen that the trade system has a new GUI. Could they have finally implemented trading logs? There is no way they have in the past since I got away with 1 mule for almost more then a year.. Anyways this is my stupidity for using 1 mule over a year and got 10 accounts banned for it last night. What are your thoughts? The mule was a Macroing Major ban. Which is odd since I have never used anything but the official client.
  3. Pay someone for an RS pin. Or RSGP for gold. And get a bond. Or are you talking Tribot VIP? If so buy OSGP and buy it with that. Simple.
  4. @Lil B I use to do this two-three years ago and never got banned. I'm sure they set up some sort of system to fix this. However with CC or PayPal as payment after you get banned you could charge back or set as unauthorized if you used a proxy. Jagex would not be able to combat that other then banning the PayPal and CC from charging again. It would be best to use bonds unless your planning on charge backs. This is considered gray-black hat activity however.
  5. Who got banned ?

    Makes new account from proxy. Names it Mod Weath with out the L. Trolls noobs.
  6. Who got banned ?

    @Dukat This was the 3rd for them. You need to learn your time zones.
  7. Who got banned ?

    40 accounts banned 24/7 botting no breaks up 2,000USD.
  8. Who got banned ?

    @Mark its been 5 hours. They work 9am-5pm London time. It is 1pm there now. @moiz.frost I turned all my bots off at 8:30am London time i'll be checking them all shortly and give you a number if any. EDIT: My mule that traded over 40 accounts every 12 hours for over 13 days is not banned. So that's good news. Clearly the whole "We log trades" is bs. Second EDIT: 20 accounts banned on 1 computer checking the other one now. I was using Normal Client with no anti-bans along with 1 proxy per 2 bots. Made me over $2,000 in 13 days. The last 3 hours made me 50m. So I still came out on top. Will check the other 20.
  9. @nick90 on the 29th MOD Wealth banned 400 bots. If it was on the 30th then it was a flagged IP.
  10. Enjoy The Next 24 Hours of Botting.

    @kylezell Only reason we have not seen bans is because MOD Wealth was off. In fact when he got on the 29th he banned over 400 bots in 2 hours. https://twitter.com/JagexWeath/status/681886917068210177 I say two hours because some of my accounts took a hit two hours before he posted on Twitter. I've been botting for a very long time you from back in 2013. Since MOD Wealth has been with Jagex he has manually banned so many bots he is making a living from it. Jagex will tell you that they have other people banning bots but this is not true its MOD Wealth and only him for a while. When he goes on Vacation no one gets banned. As far as I look at it the "auto system" is when a player reports you and your on flagged IPs and you get a perm ban. The good news is its gonna take a while for him to ban ALL the 24/7 bots. There is just not enough time in the day to ban everyone. @Runescapeplayer Yes, and no. I've botted 7 days straight before with no breaks and no bans.
  11. We all have about 24 hours from now till Jagex returns to work on Monday. The ban hammer is gonna be strong in this one my friends. I've made enough money since the 23rd for this not to bother me. Will be setting up fresh accounts Monday morning . Proof: Every year this happens.
  12. $1,000 in 5 days.

    @Dukat Yes, I edited out a refund from amazon. Since I did not want an extra $449 on there.
  13. $1,000 in 5 days.

    Had the same feeling
  14. $1,000 in 5 days.

    @Yuhan Both EXRuneCrafter and USA Dragon Killer will do that for you haha (if you do use that.). I could have made a lot more but I did not want to spend more then an hour or two unloading per day. @lilelf It was not just you who wanted proof. I could have made a lot more if I started at the beginning of December and made more then 20 accounts since Wealth was on Vacation for almost the whole month (or so I was told)
  15. $1,000 in 5 days.

    I'm not saying i'm a boss or anything... But I know my shit. To the haters who wanted proof of my $200 a day botting method suck it. I'll make another $120 today. Add it up if you wish. NO I WILL NOT GIVE OUT TIPS OR MY METHOD. This post is for bragging purposes only. Quick RSGP is a FULLY automatic service that anyone can use to buy & sell OSRS Gold along with Tribot VIP & Credits with BTC and PayPal. You can learn more here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/59708-fully-automated-system-online-247-quickrsgp-buying-osrs-gold-best-rates-fastest-delivery-pp-btc/#entry672147 I did not get paid to post this and @erickho123 is the owner. I want everyone to know because it is amazing cuts my sell time from 30 min. to 1min and I make on avg 0.05-0.15 more per mil