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  1. I love the Intelliji setup thanks.
  2. I don't think that is necessary. There are differences but other than that when learning a new language and writing something simple - which scripting should be - it is just about the syntax and file structure. I know a bit of C++, php and javascript (nodejs) and I recently had to work on a project in javascript/ruby. I hope I am right otherwise no scripting for me.
  3. Hi, I recently got back to Runescape because I was playing with opencv. At first, I wanted to create my own bot (something simple ) but I was amazed by the amount of work that went into Tribot antiban so I decided that I would write some scripts here. I used to bot on the powerbot website before 2013 and got really close to max cape back then. I had like 5 skills left. It could be fun to give something back to the community that created my main account that is not banned until this day. I have some questions if there is anyone who would make time for me. 1) Could you please share links with some up to date comprehensive tutorial how to write a bot? I don't really code in java but the syntax is quite similar to other languages. However, it would be cool to read some tutorial for an advanced script (something more complicated than clicking tree and dropping logs) so that I could get a better feeling of a file structure, GUI, antiban and decision tree. 2) Is Tribot color bot? How detectable is the client? I saw that you have something like looking glass? That looks really cool but on the other hand, I saw some scripts working with item ids. Do you detect items on screen or do you read environment information from computer memory? 3) Are private scripts less detectable than public scripts?
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