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  1. LiamDOT

    TRiBot Bot Control Panel

    Doesn't detect that I'm even running a bot?
  2. Just got off 2 day ban, got from 70 - 76 str overnight though, thanks for the levels. Stay off the botting for a little now.
  3. Do all locations where pumpkins/scythes were found now drop masks? Gonna go @falador bridge anyone had a mask there?
  4. LiamDOT

    [Flawless] Hamood Flesh Crawlers [100k-150k/h]

    Working well at the moment think I need ROW for more herbs will post proggy if it stays on for 10hr+ Saying that clients just froze. [BOT DEBUG][17:28:10] Error: aq.x() ae.j() o.m() cg.aj() y.cx() y.cx() al.cb() b.au() client.j() bs.pp() | dw:502 dw:347 aq:128 ae:284 o:83 cg:11 ce:944 ce:752 y:8266 y:8833 al:7981 b:3671 client:1255 bs:205 bs:162 java.lang.Thread.run | java.lang.NullPointerException[17:28:10] error_game_crash
  5. Looking good let me know if you need beta tester I think I'll be buying once it's released.
  6. LiamDOT

    Moose's Essence Miner - TriBot edition

    Didn't know you get teleport random @Audbury maby try add this? Working well ok I think though.