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  1. A little video to show how lovely Easter is!
  2. Though its a good website there are some problems with it, in some exercises if the answer is not clear and you cant proceed onto other exercises. But asides from that, i would recommend it for people new to programming!
  3. Awesome, really getting annoyed with the people whining and complaining all the damn time.
  4. yes but the fact is we pay for the bot, i would expect this amount of downtime for a free bot not paid. Then go some place else if you can not wait a day.
  5. This is an odd reply but I would suggest looking through a website called StackOverflow its a brilliant website with many people looking to help others.
  6. Unity is commonly used among a few people like Slender and others. But UDK (Unreal development kit) is a very good engine and development software as well, if you would like to make a first person shooter like UT3 (Unreal Tournament 3) You should check out UDK!