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  1. I'm having a problem with the free bot. I push start script, and it says "downloading script in the client debug area and then the bot ends. i've tried redownloading the bot, I've tried redownloading tribot as a whole, I've tried restarting the computer but am unable to find how to dart the bot.
  2. Yeah I have been going with that for a little but it is not anywhere near perfect, but free is free so I can't complain. It is the same concept but with the time it takes to reduel compared to jumping back into the ring would add up very quickly with long sessions. It could be better if Kduel had prayer support ect. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Request: - Flawless Combat ring dueler Description: - A script that enters a player owned house of one account and fights with other accounts in the boxing ring. Making this script flawless could be quite simple and a great alternative to crabs. Payment Amount: - I would be willing to pay 5-10$ and I'm sure other would as well. I would pay more if this script was exclusively private. Payment Type: - Paypal Time: - As soon as you can make one. Additional: - I think this script would be fairly easy to make flawless implementing a few features. --Prayer support -Ranged equipment pick up -potions -dummy mode: Instead of both players attacking one just stands there and takes the beating. -Anti-random: in order to get away from aggressive randoms the bot would have to exit portal and reenter properly. -Post-Disconnect: The bot reenters a house on dc or start up. Enters the PoH in a different manner depending on if bot is a guest or owner of the PoH. ​I think this script shouldn't be too hard to make flawless compared to many other scripts out there, and This script could be sought after by many pures looking for an alternative to crabs and experiments, mainly obey maulers. Thanks for reading.
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