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  1. Aha. What's your JDK version, architecture (32/64-bit, and RS client?
  2. Okina

    How to prevent lag when using looking glass

    Kudos. Something I've come across myself.
  3. Done - if you want to get to the bottom of this quickly feel free to add me on an IM platform. I'm pretty sure we're both British, going off your spelling of behaviour.
  4. @xCode Any updates? Script is currently of no use to me.
  5. NPE when starting script: [14:17:47] Downloading script 'JAIOPrayer'. [14:17:50] Script Started: JAIOPrayer. [14:17:55] java.lang.NullPointerException [14:17:55] at scripts.heyimjamie.generalapi.x.s.g(GUI.java:169) [14:17:55] at scripts.JAIOPrayer.JAIOPrayer.f(JAIOPrayer.java:117) [14:17:55] at scripts.JAIOPrayer.JAIOPrayer.run(JAIOPrayer.java:74) [14:17:55] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)
  6. Script no longer types the name of the players house to enter (so gets stuck at portal).
  7. A friends house. Happens without fail each run. LG. Fixed client.
  8. The bot gets stuck in Yanille bank. Logs repeat the following: [20:24:11] already in bank Description of the bug: Stuck in Yanille bankHow often does it occur: Normally after a few runs to POHStatus of the script during the bug: ~Walking to bankBot/Client debug: [20:24:11] already in bankWhat is the version of the script: Latest JDK 1.8.181 64-bit OSBuddy
  9. Okina

    Tribot LG problem.

    I had the same issue and switched to Java 8u144 (JDK and JRE). Give this a shot. Also, out of curiosity, if you type "java -version" into a command prompt/terminal, what is the output?
  10. Okina

    The Complete Guide To Looking Glass

    Excellent guide, kudos. I've got both OSBuddy and TRiBot running in 64-bit, and there's a quite significant lag. I tried minimizing OSB and opening TRiBot, to no avail. Any other tips?
  11. Okina

    Auto login not working with LG?

    I'm still getting this issue with LG (OSBuddy, Java 8u121 64-bit). Any update?
  12. A reboot fixed it, thanks. As an FYI, I didn't try this earlier as I had just started the client up and assumed it wouldn't be the fix.
  13. Having issues at Otto's Grotto - status is "Waiting for status". Old-school client, 32-bit v111 JDK with Looking Glass.
  14. This should be officially documented somewhere. I spent hours searching before I was told to use 8u111.