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  1. We DEMAND Emoji Support!

    but dey look so tacky
  2. Tribot LG problem.

    I had the same issue and switched to Java 8u144 (JDK and JRE). Give this a shot. Also, out of curiosity, if you type "java -version" into a command prompt/terminal, what is the output?
  3. The Complete Guide To Looking Glass

    Excellent guide, kudos. I've got both OSBuddy and TRiBot running in 64-bit, and there's a quite significant lag. I tried minimizing OSB and opening TRiBot, to no avail. Any other tips?
  4. Clean Code Notes

    A very good book, particularly for those starting out. Uncle Bob's Clean Architecture has just been released, I'd recommend giving it a read!
  5. Estrogen Blockers Recommedation

    DIM is a good natural estrogen blocker. I use it from GeneticSupplements.
  6. Auto login not working with LG?

    I'm still getting this issue with LG (OSBuddy, Java 8u121 64-bit). Any update?
  7. A reboot fixed it, thanks. As an FYI, I didn't try this earlier as I had just started the client up and assumed it wouldn't be the fix.
  8. Having issues at Otto's Grotto - status is "Waiting for status". Old-school client, 32-bit v111 JDK with Looking Glass.
  9. This should be officially documented somewhere. I spent hours searching before I was told to use 8u111.
  10. What do you guys think?

    Powerful if you know how to use it, such is the internet...
  11. The script is causing my client to freeze, shortly after execution (normally a few minutes) at Shilo Village. I have the 2 IP addresses added to my Tribot firewall. I am using LG, Lite mode. Nothing logged in the client or bot debug.
  12. [FIXED] No RuneScape client was found

    Top man, thanks.
  13. Hi, Common problem that I can't seem to find a fix for. I am using the 32-bit JDK along with the RS downloadable client (running in 32-bit). I have given java.policy writable permissions to all applications. I have set JAVA_HOME to the 32-bit JDK. Any ideas why this isn't working? It's a fresh Win10 install. Fix: Use JDK 8u111.
  14. Java Null Pointer Exception

    ^ This is the explanation you're after.
  15. Anagram Checking [HELP!!]

    You cannot compare arrays with the equal to operator ('=='). As YoHoJo said, you would be best sorting them, and then do a comparison. The easiest way to compare would be to assert the content of each array index is equal.