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    I love RS, and I love to bot. Currently playing old school on a legit main account, and botting for fun on a few als.

    Currently at university studying Aero Engineering (2nd year)
  1. Looking for someone to do Merlins Crystal and Heros quest. Please PM me a price and or Skype me @ lordkaroon. Thanks SR
  2. I need someone to do Merlins Crystal and Heros quest. Please pm me a price or skype me : lordkaroon. Thanks! SR
  3. Im running the script at falador east, and its working well at about 950 logs/hr
  4. lol
  5. Problem solved - can remove thread.
  6. Im just manually banking every few hrs or so atm, im sure it will be fixed eventually =]
  7. How can I get the bot to bank in canifis? I cant see how to do it in the banking tab =[ Thanks again
  8. WOW, thanks for the advice!! That sounds top kek!
  9. Currently my combat stats are low (50-50-50 melee) and i'm getting ok xp rates at ghouls in canifis. I only bot my main, and was wondering if any experienced users of this bot know locations for the best xp Thanks in advance!
  10. Omg you have an updated herb-lore script too! FANTASTIC! Clicking on pots for hours tires me out =[
  11. @Flax added on skype - lordkaroon
  12. I couldnt see anyone that will do it via paypal, i guess ill just wait until i can buy it from the store.
  13. @ohParadox Thanks for the respone <3 It says "the transaction has been stopped as it might be fraudulent." (not word for word) edit : no im just using standard sky broadband in my flat