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    I love RS, and I love to bot. Currently playing old school on a legit main account, and botting for fun on a few als.

    Currently at university studying Aero Engineering (2nd year)
  1. Thanks, ill try all of the above when I get back later tonight. But to answer your question, the bot didnt click at all, or even try to click, it pretty much just idled and did nothing then logged out :3 All the other courses seem fine though.
  2. The bot fails to click the wall at the beginning of the Falador rooftop course. No error, but the bot logs out after 2 mins of 0 xp gain. The rest of the course seems to work apart from the very first click of the course!
  3. Decided to try using Tribot again after a long break, because HCIM is now a thing. So I downloaded the latest client, logged into my account and updated my account info in the client. I then proceeded to log into the game.. annnd it instantly closed. The process disappeared from my computer completely. So I just shrugged and decided to try and run the client again, but this time when I tried to start a scrip the client says im already running one.... Really? I bought premium scripts from here with money and I cant even use them b/c the client doesn't status report properly? How long do I need to wait? Already restarted my PC.. Just a little annoyed rn.