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    I love RS, and I love to bot. Currently playing old school on a legit main account, and botting for fun on a few als.

    Currently at university studying Aero Engineering (2nd year)

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  1. Thanks, ill try all of the above when I get back later tonight. But to answer your question, the bot didnt click at all, or even try to click, it pretty much just idled and did nothing then logged out :3 All the other courses seem fine though.
  2. The bot fails to click the wall at the beginning of the Falador rooftop course. No error, but the bot logs out after 2 mins of 0 xp gain. The rest of the course seems to work apart from the very first click of the course!
  3. Looking for someone to do Merlins Crystal and Heros quest. Please PM me a price and or Skype me @ lordkaroon. Thanks SR
  4. I need someone to do Merlins Crystal and Heros quest. Please pm me a price or skype me : lordkaroon. Thanks! SR
  5. Problem solved - can remove thread.
  6. Im just manually banking every few hrs or so atm, im sure it will be fixed eventually =]
  7. How can I get the bot to bank in canifis? I cant see how to do it in the banking tab =[ Thanks again
  8. WOW, thanks for the advice!! That sounds top kek!
  9. Currently my combat stats are low (50-50-50 melee) and i'm getting ok xp rates at ghouls in canifis. I only bot my main, and was wondering if any experienced users of this bot know locations for the best xp Thanks in advance!
  10. Omg you have an updated herb-lore script too! FANTASTIC! Clicking on pots for hours tires me out =[
  11. I couldnt see anyone that will do it via paypal, i guess ill just wait until i can buy it from the store.
  12. @ohParadox Thanks for the respone <3 It says "the transaction has been stopped as it might be fraudulent." (not word for word) edit : no im just using standard sky broadband in my flat
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