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  1. I tried the free trial about a month ago and it would run and have various issues that I see people reporting. such as walking behind the ge or going to lummy fields. But when I was running the trial the bot would never go into the portal but just get close to it but I'll try the trial again.
  2. Last time I tried this script, it was supposed to bank at clan wars but skipped it every time, has this been fixed yet?
  3. 1gate

    Selling RP for RSGP

    hmu when you sell the cards
  4. 1gate

    Buying Riot Points

    Pm me on Skype: live:xgate1996
  5. Seeing as I'm new I would like to use an MM Will be buying with 07 Gp or maybe if it's my rs3 budget I will buy with that Pm,post below, Skype me Live:xgate1996
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