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  1. Selling gold for swish 10 sek per mil Will have around 20m per week Buying all of my stock 9sek per m
  2. Buying bond(s) on osrs, paying 2,1-2,3m ea, will be going on my ironman so price depends on how trusted u are
  3. 6m ea /sysm service pm me or him for skype
  4. he is not responding so still looking
  5. hello since no1 in sysm service is avaible and i got orders of my own I would need some1 who gets 63 hunter, gracefull (im lvl 1 agility) and 45-50 thieving offer me price or send me your skype to discuss
  6. im.fishy on skype, will add you to a call with sysm (my sig) We can probably work something out this is sysm
  7. I hate red circles Xmouse_data-113927-1462563789218.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462563044987.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462562282750.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462320520677.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462565358079.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462566067184.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462566862941.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462567403371.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462568137406.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462581001584.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462581465985.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462582646343.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462583136220.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462584082306.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462584633004.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462663218041.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462663822333.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462665575967.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462666140323.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462666844009.dat
  8. I'm spending 50m for powerlevling in any/multiple of those skills thieving smithing hunter fishing currently lvl 27 thieving 51 smithing 47 hunter 92 fishing its on a skiller If i do not deem you trustworthy you will need to deposi some money to an mm and provide screenshot from osbuddy of every lvl
  9. I am looking for 40M osrs gp at a rate of 1.17/M I am willing to pay with paypal or Bitcoins .
  10. woodcutting high ban rate with dropping
  11. i think it is rather trusted buyer to buy gold with paypal, if u want u can probably buy it from big goldseller for 1,3 ea? if u send id
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