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  1. can do 65 att and str for 15m im.fishy @ skype
  2. I'm mostly free!
  3. 6m ea /sysm service pm me or him for skype
  4. he is not responding so still looking
  5. hello since no1 in sysm service is avaible and i got orders of my own I would need some1 who gets 63 hunter, gracefull (im lvl 1 agility) and 45-50 thieving offer me price or send me your skype to discuss
  6. im.fishy on skype, will add you to a call with sysm (my sig) We can probably work something out this is sysm
  7. hm for s3 -> p1 ? all champs 19k ip for runes etc
  8. I hate red circles Xmouse_data-113927-1462563789218.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462563044987.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462562282750.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462320520677.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462565358079.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462566067184.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462566862941.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462567403371.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462568137406.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462581001584.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462581465985.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462582646343.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462583136220.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462584082306.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462584633004.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462663218041.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462663822333.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462665575967.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462666140323.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462666844009.dat
  9. I'm spending 50m for powerlevling in any/multiple of those skills thieving smithing hunter fishing currently lvl 27 thieving 51 smithing 47 hunter 92 fishing its on a skiller If i do not deem you trustworthy you will need to deposi some money to an mm and provide screenshot from osbuddy of every lvl
  10. woodcutting high ban rate with dropping
  11. bump
  12. doing tut island on your account min 3 acc max 10 per person/day you need to make the account "you can create multiple rs accounts per email by doing example [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]" All accounts will be hand done and it can be proven with screenshots on osbuddy. orderform amount of accounts: will you create the account?: skype: will you leave feedback:
  13. 250m legit, need 20m after 70 70 70 + bonds
  14. Just suicide accounts to 707070 and once there (can otherwise level it for 20m) u either afk Nmz or bot Nmz
  15. Request: - A bot which will make a small "beep" Description: - Basicly will just make a "beep" sound when inventory is full or if fishing spot changed sharks/flyfishing. Nothing automatic just a simple sound when inv is full/change spotPayment Amount: - free?Time: - whenever?Additional: - would make it easier to train fishing while playing other games