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  1. tehgousch

    My Human Mouse Data

    I hate red circles Xmouse_data-113927-1462563789218.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462563044987.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462562282750.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462320520677.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462565358079.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462566067184.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462566862941.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462567403371.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462568137406.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462581001584.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462581465985.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462582646343.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462583136220.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462584082306.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462584633004.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462663218041.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462663822333.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462665575967.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462666140323.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462666844009.dat
  2. tehgousch

    Bot banned, what did I do wrong?

    woodcutting high ban rate with dropping
  3. tehgousch

    [R] sound? full inv simple?

    Request: - A bot which will make a small "beep" Description: - Basicly will just make a "beep" sound when inventory is full or if fishing spot changed sharks/flyfishing. Nothing automatic just a simple sound when inv is full/change spotPayment Amount: - free?Time: - whenever?Additional: - would make it easier to train fishing while playing other games
  4. tehgousch

    Using external libraries in script

    Can I ask why not
  5. Hello, I'm trying to use an external library in my script. It's just a look and feel theme. I have the jar in my .tribot\dependencies folder and added it as a library in Eclipse. The script complies fine, no errors. When running the script I get a class not found exception: [23:14:11] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: de/javasoft/plaf/synthetica/SyntheticaPlainLookAndFeel[23:14:11] at scripts.redacted.ScriptWorker.run(ScriptWorker.java:42)[23:14:11] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[23:14:11] Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: de.javasoft.plaf.synthetica.SyntheticaPlainLookAndFeel[23:14:11] at java.lang.ClassLoader.findClass(ClassLoader.java:574)[23:14:11] at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:467)[23:14:11] at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:385)[23:14:11] at obf.qE.loadClass(mm:177)[23:14:11] ... 2 more
  6. tehgousch

    [r] auto pm'er

    it will pm people closeby i can pay 2m osgp 1m+ if answer function (example hello, and if they say hello, hi, hey, sup etc i will respond) if that's to hard can u make a sound if some1 reply
  7. I know wc/rc/spinning bs is hotspots but what skills/places do have lower banrate don't have to be profitable just wondering
  8. tehgousch

    banned while playing legit?

    for example training wc, willows on my bot. while i kill rockcrabs on my main, i will not interfere with the accounts and they will never meet? ods? only one account botting
  9. tehgousch

    banned while playing legit?

    Is it possible that my main get banned if I play legit while i bot one account at the same time. My main will ofc be played legit on
  10. tehgousch

    Need testers for my new experimental script

    ill test when i get home
  11. tehgousch

    request for a private script

    Request: - private script Description: - I dont really wanna discuss it open cuz it will basicly get you 1,2m/h as a nearly fresh f2p Payment Amount: - discuss with scriptwriter (over 5 under 30) Payment Type: - osgp (i got a buyer for osgp (2usd/mil so we can do a 3 way trade) Time: - 3-5 days Additional: - tehgousch on skype, add me and talk don't need to be ran for more than 3h , but need to be stable for 3h, add skype or send a pm and we cna discuss further
  12. tehgousch

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    will upload the rest soon Xmouse_data-113927-1420819626356.dat
  13. tehgousch

    AIOBuyer++ [ABCL10] | 100% Free!

    please add so it extract from packs ( ex feather pack