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  1. Yeah I saw ^^ I got now the "VIP" rank done as promised (VIP are able to make temporary channels and has a crown next to the time) Yeah jagex mod who's making scripts for tribot
  2. Seems like no one really read the announcement thread so I decided to make new thread. Since 1 guy is having problems with ISP and can't host the teamspeak server I decided to help the community out and started own. Feel free to join if you want to hang out and chill. Ranks: You can get the same rank as you have on Forums but you have to prove that you're the same guy. (Do not pretend to be someone else EX: Admin when you're just normal user) IP: ts3tribot.zapto.org PS: If you're scripter, could you help me get the picking up method to work?
  3. Hello everyone! Since we don't have currently a working TeamSpeak I decided to be nice and create 1 for us. I asked from 3 Moderators permission for this including "TheBat". If you want to chill feel free to join! Oh and contact me if you want "Scripter" rank or "Moderator" (you need to prove that you have the same rank on forums) and I'll give the rank! IP: ts3tribot.zapto.org See you there!