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  1. Still buying a trainer for this.
  2. Just use any AFK script to stay online and splash, its even cheaps as fuck now since all the runes/staffs dropped in price with the patch.
  3. Did u download the Java JDK? https://tribot.org/forums/topic/48572-my-looking-glass-wont-run/
  4. Its hard to say, exporting an SQL database while upgrading will most of the time fucked up the user ID's, default when changing SQL is a re-arrangement of the user ID's due to alphabetical order, this will also glitch the join date since it's a seperate collum, join date will stick to the alphabetical name, user ID will change due to the alphabetical order. But I think that most OSRS botters will have Mars -13 as join date, that's kinda when TriBot went viral.
  5. IRC

    Fuck shoutbox, lets go irc ;o Seriously so much better, and I guess there's alot of people like me who got 15+ years of experience with IRC and it's simply the best. Besides, running an irc server you could intergrate so much of the official rs community aswell, news, highscores, prices and all that. As well as it brings FUN to the TriBot community with 10000000s of different scripts for trivias, gambling, info and all that fun shit @TRiLeZ actually, if you decide to create a dedicated server I can help you with chanserv/nickserv and/or other bots/scripts for server control. I've been scripting mIRC for about 7 years now.
  6. Pref hand made. If bottet = black marks = refund.
  7. on a fresh account, made by me ofc since account selling is not legal on this forum. PM me your price.
  8. @mrdeano lmk how much u want, and if u want gp or credits, pm me.
  9. I need a decent quester for this job, its not really hard at all, the lvl 90+ bosses are "easy" to kill. You gonna need 1 decent level mate, or if you prefer to dual play, doesnt matter. Get the bosses down to about 2-3hp with him, safe-spotting with my lvl 3 skiller. Auto-ret off, run around the stone the boss spawns at, and aggro it with the skiller, using a flower as weapon to deal 0 damage and ring of recoil to kill the bosses. The skiller will be prepped with supplies like food, anti-poisons (Make sure to use asap since poison can hit 11), ring of recoils, ability to teleport to Karamja, Super-Energy pots and ofc a beatiful flower as a weapon. As well all all the items require to actually complete the quest, Account will have an open bank with all the requirements you'll need for the quest. I can pay you in OSgp or Tri Credits.
  10. Any thoughts about using this with 1 def? What setup should I go for? Not sure to buy yet.
  11. Is this doable with 1 def? @Worthy