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  1. I had a bunch of premium scripts but I didn't use the bot for a while, seems like everything's gone now? How do I get them back?
  2. The paint is broken for me, how do I fix this?
  3. There's one warning that the doomsayer doesn't have. My main just got stuck clicking the same spot for a little over an hour >_<
  4. Tree farming doesn't work. When it has to plant the tree seed in the pot it will just click the filled plant pot over and over. Also it withdraws 2 allotment seeds about half the times it goes to the patches meaning it has to go there and run back to the bank again to get more seeds.
  5. Doesn't pick up Marks of Grace after switching from Canifis to Falador.
  6. I would trust you with mine, I got bot bust banned last week so I'm not really sure if that's the smartest move right now.. Do you think it's safe enough to let you make a script on it?
  7. It's not going to be worth botting if it only attempts to pickpocket once every 4 seconds..
  8. Bought the script about 11 days ago, lasts 30 days, haven't been able to use it properly once.
  9. it gets stuck at Vannaka when it tells him to wield the dagger, I did it manually. Works great for the rest of the thing; did it on 6 accounts
  10. Going to try this with 6 accounts now. EDIT: Will be trying in a couple of days when Proxy support is up, it crashed when I use it with a proxy atm
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