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  1. Not sure what the issue is but the bot isn't recognizing the phases correctly for me. It will say "walking to safe spot" and spam click in to the gas, or wont pray the right prayer for the phase.. Happens maybe once in every 10 kills and I have no lag or fps lag. I'll try to figure out why it's happening but I have no clue right now
  2. tringy

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

  3. Yes 100%. But obviously the script moves the camera around when it kills Zulrah causing it to not always have the pool on the screen and cause the waiting
  4. @Worthy I've found a problem with the script. When attempting to restore stats with a POH pool sometimes it cannot see the pool on the screen and does not rotate the camera causing it to stand still and do nothing.
  5. 30ms ping.. I'll double check my settings but I'm not sure why I'm getting slow kills I average maybe 1:40 a kill so 17-18 even with a bot should be realistic.. I'll pm you my GUI settings when I get access to my computer
  6. tringy

    Buying script

    New updates with old content, quest requirements and stat requirements. Thanks for your input but if you're not a scripter that is willing to write a private script it's probably unnecessary.
  7. tringy

    Buying script

    I changed it but as I said, it's very niche and if people knew it they would have been abusing it for a very long time.
  8. tringy

    Buying script

    Request: A collection scriptDescription: Item collection and sellingPayment Amount: NegotiableTime: No time-frame but sooner is betterAdditional: I will provide an account if necessary to complete the script, as this method requires certain stats and quests. This is also a very niche method that not many people know about, so I would also appreciate the method to not be leaked after the completion of the script. It's roughly 5m an hour and bottable. Please send me a PM on Tribot if you're able to make this script!
  9. It's extremely stable.. Even if you do not babysit and it encounters a problem, it will just log you off.
  10. How many kills is everyone getting per hour? I was getting 14/hour in nearly max gear, then I got 76 agility and turned on multiple kills per trip and it seems like I'm getting even less per hour now? Like 11-12. Checked and don't have internet lag or input lag Not sure why but I can do around 18-19 an hour playing legit, but turning on multiple kills per trip I'm getting less than one kill restock?? Using house fairy ring and house pool, any tips from other users getting good rates would be appreciated! My setup is: 99 range, 97 magic.. Ahrims & Arma & Serp/BP & Toxic Trident + Malediction Ward/Anguish & Occult/Eternal boots & blessed boots/ Range cape & god cape / Barrows gloves
  11. Late reply. I usually babysit it when I have to use my computer for other things. Maximum I would do in one session is about 4 hours and probably may 6 hours a day. But overall maybe 3-4 1 hour sessions spread out throughout the day.
  12. Can tell you right now this is probably the best script I've ever used. I bought the 14 day subscription because I wasn't sure how profitable it would be, but I've made over 100m botting 70+ hours since I bought it and I've still got about 30 hours left before the subscription runs out. You will definitely make your money back on this script, guaranteed.
  13. Currently having an issue where the bot will stand at the boat to go to Zulrah, and will swap gear from slot 7 to slot 8 in the inventory, back and forth, on repeat until human interaction fixes it manually or until it hits the idle logout timer. An example inventory, only happens to me when there is a free slot in that 8th slot (the first free one in the first picture).. Also don't think it happens when the rearrange items in inventory after kill setting is disabled. Edit: unrelated but only a few kills after I posted this
  14. Any response to this message? I bought premium and I'm very pleased so far. I'm getting a solid 13 kills/hour doing 1 kill then bank with summer pies. As I said, it would be nice to have agility potions and do multiple kills per trip because of the issue I listed with summer pies and fairy rings.
  15. Currently in the trial, very good script. Will purchase it once my trial is over. I'm wondering if you can put in an option for agility potions as well as summer pies? I've got 73 agility and if you're doing multiple kills you can get 4 home teleports out of an inventory for multiple kills whereas with summer pies you can only get 2. Another thing I've noticed, if you have summer pies enabled as an option and you're doing multiple kills per trip.. if you run out of summer pie in your inventory the script will teleport to house, then use fairy ring, then to house, to fairy ring etc until it runs out of teleports. Finally, I've read on a few posts that it will switch to long-range for certain phases with blowpipe. Is there any way to turn this feature off? I didn't see it in the options. I would rather idle the phase and do no damage than get defense experience. Overall incredibly good script and worth the money for sure.