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  1. Aibunker

    [FREE] [ABC2ish] Mort Myre Fungus collector [280k+/hr]

    Dont you still need a glory to get to a fairy ring? Edit:: Turns out there is a fairy ring outside the castle
  2. Aibunker

    Broken Bot or outdated script?

    That name doe
  3. Aibunker

    [FREE] [ABC2ish] Mort Myre Fungus collector [280k+/hr]

    Thanks for the quick reply yep just a few more things and this could be flawless as hell anyways i will stick to my private script for now cause i have seen really low banrate on it. It collects like 300+/hr without any energy restoring,this one works alot better and i think it could even reach 450+ with the blooming fix. GL bro sick stuff
  4. Aibunker

    [FREE] [ABC2ish] Mort Myre Fungus collector [280k+/hr]

    This script should not be free i was using it with a private script and few days or a week ago the price just completely got buttfucked down to 500 gp/fungus, they used to be 1.1k each now its slowly raising back up at 660 gp. I take it that it was your farm that disrupted the prices? Anyways its a nice script the general looting/walking is solid but the stamina potion is a little redundant imo an energy potion or a super energy would be better. I noticed when the inventory is full and it still has some prayer points it doesnt tp out but keeps blooming until it runs out of prayer and attempts to loot even on full invent. When its inside the poh and the break manager kicks in the npc gets booted outside the poh portal i tried to replicate it and there was no failsafe for this situation it just said Status: sleep, State: NO_STATE. Really good script but needs some tuning You should try to make this premium because its just too good of a money maker to be free especially now that the price is raising back up. Anyways good stuff bro
  5. Aibunker

    Looking for good bot setups

    Use proxies looks like your ip is flagged and use human-like breaks while botting. Try to use the mirror mode as much as possible and try to use scripts that are not too popular or in less popular areas. There are several guides on the forum here try looking for them. GL on your botting
  6. If your virus scans are coming up short then you were probably hacked because you used the same password elsewhere on another forums. A database might have been leaked and since you used the same password there as here your accounts were compromised. This happened to me and many others here cause we used the same passwords. I recommend having a unique password for every other accounts.
  7. Aibunker

    Account Compromised

    Quote the post directly to trigger a reply Anyways it doesnt hurt to scan your files with atleast 2 different softwares just to be safe. Keep the passwords of all your accounts unique.
  8. Aibunker

    Account Compromised

    Some database got leaked and if you used the same password elsewhere as your tribot account that is how you were compromised.
  9. Aibunker

    Stronghold flesh crawler script?

    Dax's combat script supports stronghold he has a guide on how to set it up too
  10. Aibunker

    [ABC]TsuMiner AIO Miner[Open Source]

    Nice am learning to script too this is gonna help alot
  11. Aibunker

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Thanks for answering so fast and for the settings
  12. Aibunker

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Gratz bro could you share your settings if you dont mind?
  13. Hey is there a task system that farms other points when it gets done? If no then would like to have one where you can switch to other task when it reaches X points. Btw the deadman hopping problem still exists and doesnt hop back out to another world.
  14. Aibunker

    Account locked as we suspect it has been stolen?

    I believe thats to connect with the proxy ip Not too sure though