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  1. I bought triAIO combat last night, used it fine for about an hour. Shut it off and went to bed. Woke up this morning trying to run it again and it says you can only run one instance if you're not vip and to close the other instances... Well... I was only running that ONE script and it won't let me open the script list to start it.. I just paid for a script I was under the impression would work if I only used it at one time since I'm not vip but it won't even do that. Not going to pay for vip to run one script which should work perfectly fine under a free account. Suggestions? TLDR; I'm running 1 script yet client says since I'm not vip i can't run multiple instances and to close other instances; but I'm only running 1 bot on 1 account, not multiple. EDIT: I've restarted my computer to make sure tribute wasn't running in the background and then only ran tribot once my computer rebooted. It still tells me I need to close other instances of tribot. EDIT 2: Problem seemed to resolve itself randomly. After about 20 minutes of just trying to close the client and restart it, it finally realized i didn't need a VIP subscription.
  2. Intermittent Fasting

    Calories in and out mean nothing. The key to weight loss/cutting is high fats, proteins and low carbs. Also known as a 'keto' diet. I've consumed over 4000 calories a day doing this diet and my body fat % never increased. I'm not a naturally skinny as a rail guy so its not just my metabolism. Its really effective over any other diet because while eating very little carbs you really CANT gain body fat. You get fat by eating carbs and sugars. Carbs and sugars are basically the same thing because carbs once inside the body convert to sugars. Also you don't have to starve yourself and you get to eat a lot!
  3. Nice guide . I would like to add that the most important thing to remember when dieting is to keep your carbs DOWN! That will condition your body to start using up its fat reserves instead of using the carbs you eat. Also remember, carbs are digested the same way sugars are! All carbs are sugars just in a more complex form! Good luck to anybody out there trying to either lose weight or start cutting!