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  1. Some how at minnows the script is clicking on the boat that takes you back to the fishing guild resulting in standing near the boat until you stop the script, could a failsafe be added to travel back to the minnows spot? Nothing in debug.
  2. Not even using a cat but: Auto Fisher Pro Script: [CRITICAL] Kitten has grown into cat. Ending script.
  3. "USA Lava Dragons is now in the process of transferring to Premium."
  4. @Usa 4.2 seems to be perfect so far, most stable version and the new looting is great, only problem is when it hops from a pker, when it logs in it will prioritise selecting the magic spell over logging out from a player, other then that definitely ready for premium
  5. @Usa Not sure what triggers it but sometimes It detects my own account as a pker on the "safe tile" only seen it happen twice in 16 hours though
  6. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/25024-50h-proggylow-reqs110-140k-gp-ph-intlavadragonkiller/ @Integer Price Paid: $39.99 I bought unlimited auths, "Your Instances Count Unlimited" Date of purchase: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 11:50:41 Proof that you have tried contacting the owner and that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active etc: The script hasn't been updated since I messaged, in 2014.
  7. Integer really needs to update the script and stop ignoring every post about all the bugs. Edit: Another bug, hops to same world to avoid pkers over and over again.
  8. Can we have an ETA on when the script will be updated to fix all the bugs? -Blank customizing loot on GUI -Randomly logging out and not logging back in every few hours -Looting bag support no longer works
  9. It's a nice idea but I'm hoping it's optional, also could you fix the loot GUI anytime soon? I don't want it looting 60 coins and junk darts/javs
  10. When will it be approved? also another bug plus that one ^ is it totally ignores the looting bag at the bank and doesn't deposit the items
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