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  1. "USA Lava Dragons is now in the process of transferring to Premium."
  2. @Usa 4.2 seems to be perfect so far, most stable version and the new looting is great, only problem is when it hops from a pker, when it logs in it will prioritise selecting the magic spell over logging out from a player, other then that definitely ready for premium
  3. @Usa Not sure what triggers it but sometimes It detects my own account as a pker on the "safe tile" only seen it happen twice in 16 hours though
  4. Encoded Fisher is really reliable
  5. Fishing is not low ban-rate lol.
  6. Last location before getting banned?: Tutorial island Skill botted?: none Breaks or no? none If so how long?: 4 mins How long did you bot per day?: 4 mins Banned before?: nope Type of ban?: perm macro major VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No) VPS Scripts Used? e-tutorial Other Bots Used?: nope How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: 23/04/2014 Fresh account/Days acc used?: fresh
  7. Nice feature, btw, when you added the frog random solver that activates once inside the cave, VIP extended members still get the notifcation of the frog random failing but it actualy didn't could you fix this?
  8. Nice feature, thanks brah
  9. Nice release, been looking for one of these.
  10. Welcome to the community bro
  11. Just noticed how the axes keep breaking with magic trees, when it's coming back from banking and an ent is active it continues to click on it & chop like a normal tree, if an ent becomes active while it's already there it will avoid it.
  12. Frog random fails for me with a fishing script (did about 15 minutes ago)
  13. Yeah I have been ending up outside alot more recently, when I was talking about it just randomly logging out this i what it does before hand: http://puu.sh/6ukJu.png