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  1. Friends chat "Changer" offers the best swapping service with no doubt! Would recommend .
  2. Add me on Skype : live:cilokos !
  3. Nope, but had 4 banned on the 16th.. -.-
  4. Bump ! not working with tribot 9.212 either
  5. Idk, I juse java 7.67, but I'd prefer to use the latest versions.
  6. Description of the bug (be specific): Clients won't open with client starter How often the bug occurs: always Triggers of the bug (if known): Java version: 7.72 and 8.25 Max Heap Size:400 TRiBot client version:9.211 Operating System:win 8 Script Name: TRiBot Old-School or RS3: oldschool Client Debug: / Bot Debug:starting client Screenshots (if any):
  7. Thanks dud
  8. Yeah, not banned, deleted account man.
  9. I don't know, sorry. I still had it installed
  10. use java 7 u 67. It works