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  1. lokos

    Did any one get banned on 17th

    Nope, but had 4 banned on the 16th.. -.-
  2. lokos

    Firecaper Development

    Good luck ! Hope it will work out
  3. You were informed of the bugs, dont say you werent. It was over a week ago I told you it randomly stops at status drinking ppot, renewing skeles. There is no debug or whatsoever to give you. Script is totally not worth being premium, was there even a test period?
  4. Is the bug when it would randomly stop working fixed ? (When drinking ppots, renewing skeles,..) anyone using it ? Edit: seems like it isn't.. Don't want to bother you but the script is useless for over a week now, I've used over 20 ring of lifes getting 96 ranged, died over 5 times, longest proggy was about 80 minutes. And script is monthly. Come on..
  5. Hey, is it supposed to use only staminas(4) ? I left it with 50 staminas, came back to see not using staminas with a lot staminas(3) in bank?
  6. lokos

    Banned. 100m+ 2 99's q.q

    Spying ^^
  7. lokos

    Banned. 100m+ 2 99's q.q

    Air orbs killed ya mate weren't you doing them ?
  8. lokos

    Best script to get permed?

    It's not good to mess with you guys
  9. nice From getting 65-90 ranged with this script I don't think I've gotten a proggy longer than 1h
  10. Hey is this working flawlessly ? Looking to chin on my pure. Btw do you happen to know xp rates at about 65 range ? Red/black chins.
  11. Hey, anyone using ths on a pure ? Is it good ? I was thinking on training ranged, any suggestions on how to ? (want to do 45-70 ranged there) Thanks !
  12. Just buy more air staves and have them in bank, it's true that it will run with no armour/weapon to dragons and try to attack them if you don't have arm/wep banked after dying though.