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  1. Nope, but had 4 banned on the 16th.. -.-
  2. lokos

    Am i banned?

    Yeah, not banned, deleted account man.
  3. Its just a number in the intervals given to check if it fits the criteria. He couldve chosen another number(between 4- inf), but why have a harder inequation to solve for the 1st one 4 would work too but he chose 5 so its good for the others too(b,d,e wouldn't work with 4) i guess Same goes for the negative interval
  4. lokos

    Adding accounts

    Well your break profile is not good at all for safe botting. It can bot for almost 12 hours and break for only 3 minutes in the worst scenario, the best scenario is it bots 4 hours and breaks 7 minutes, which also isn't good. edit: Plus since you have it set to only occur once, after the first break it will just bot non stop for as long as you let him (without breaks).
  5. You should be able to recover mail's password with another email/phone connected to your mail.
  6. If you don't own the email registered to the account you may try to mail them and get the account locked ( say you forgot password or you got hacked idk ), when it's locked you can recover it without the mail and if you're the real owner you'll recover it succesfully. You will need accurate info when recovering though ( which again, if you're the original owner you should have )..
  7. You were informed of the bugs, dont say you werent. It was over a week ago I told you it randomly stops at status drinking ppot, renewing skeles. There is no debug or whatsoever to give you. Script is totally not worth being premium, was there even a test period?
  8. Is the bug when it would randomly stop working fixed ? (When drinking ppots, renewing skeles,..) anyone using it ? Edit: seems like it isn't.. Don't want to bother you but the script is useless for over a week now, I've used over 20 ring of lifes getting 96 ranged, died over 5 times, longest proggy was about 80 minutes. And script is monthly. Come on..
  9. Hey, is it supposed to use only staminas(4) ? I left it with 50 staminas, came back to see not using staminas with a lot staminas(3) in bank?
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