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  1. They've already said they're going to release them again you dweeb.
  2. Looks awesome, can't wait for premium! Assume is a great scripter with top notch customer service.
  3. You're not willing to pay SIX FIFTY A MONTH for something that can make you tens of millions of gold in that time frame. Cool logic guy. Maybe you should support the community.
  4. Agreed, $25 is absolutely nothing to anyone with a job. The only people who complain are teenagers who have no concept of the value of money and of how crowded the spots will get if a ton of auths are given out.
  5. Yes a DBA requires Heroes. It only supports DBA spec because of the strength bonus.
  6. I'm always confused when I check my bot, which was alone when I left it, and there are like 3 other people botting in the same world. Why lower yours and everyone else's exp when I'm sure you could find a world with less people if you hopped 2 or 3 times? Kind of weird.
  7. One problem, how many people do you know who run multiple bots on multiple vps's? A lot of people run multiple bots, having to make multiple accounts and buying VIP on each account for ever 3 bots is dumb. If you're running that many bots and can afford VPS/multuple copies of premium scripts I don't think that extra $5, $10, or $15 a month is going to be bank breaking.
  8. If some sort of crack protection isn't implemented TRiBot is going to lose a lot of subscribers. Why pay $5 a month when you can get it for free?
  9. Whenever I try to start the program I get this: [14:53:29] ftwAIO Fisher: Please Start the bot near one of the fishing positions. [14:53:29] ftwAIO Fisher: Logging out [14:53:30] ftwAIO Fisher: Logging out [14:53:31] ftwAIO Fisher: Login Bot started! and it just loops. Trying to fish Lobsters at Catherby right now. Any ideas? This has only started happening today.
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