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    Friendly, easy-going, and active person. Let me know if I can help with anything.
  1. Yeah I prefer that chopping location. If you have any spare time it would be a cool add bud. Thanks!
  2. Well location is Draynor. What happened is that my bank pin activated but I forgot what it was so now I'm basically out of botting for 3 days when it deactivates. You probably won't be able to implement this before then, but having it as an option would be cool. Or I suppose I could go to the outpost location than. I'll try that instead.
  3. Just a suggestion, if you added "Bank Deposit Box" as an option for banking, instead of just "banking" that would be super cool. I think deposit boxes are sometimes faster, what do you guys think?
  4. Is it automatically updated...or? Do you have to close Tribot and reopen? I left my bot running because I had to head out. Any possible problems?
  5. I'll let you know, I'm trying out some locations as well. Just switched from willows to yews. Here's my latest willow run with this script. Ran it last night, no flaws. =)
  6. Some pauses were made to make some business. Worked pretty smoothly throughout. Checked up on it from time to time. No complaints! =)
  7. Bought it. Quite possibly one of my best investments, works really good so far. Will post some progess logs when I get some lengthy ones.
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