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  1. Is there anyway to not use karawanbas? im never eatting them and there just hurting my k/p/h because it wont do another kill without x amount of them/food, say i have 4 mantas and 3 karas and my average is 5 mantas it wont go for another kill even if i have 4 karas as well
  2. ROW increases rare drop table only so it would make you lose more money per hour right? Also, i couldnt find if the preserve prayer was supported, but if not any chance of adding it? Great script by the way man training 5 more accounts now for it
  3. Does this script support ents?
  4. jbean94

    Most efficient Runecrafting gold farm

    i may or may not know something about runecrafting
  5. jbean94

    Jagex has got my number -- need some veteran advice

    You don't need a Vps if you going to be running proxies to, unless your computer cant handle the amounts of bots you are using. do you live in a house with its own wifi/router? if so just unpuld that baby for 10 or so minutes and plug it in. Bam, new ip. Now if oyu worried about getting chainbanned/flagged again id look into proxies, there fairly cheap like 3 for 12$ a month (Virmach.com, only use socks5 proxies as they are the ones compatable with tribot). And as you can see from my signature I have a lot of experience botting, pm me for any more help my man!
  6. Really appreciate this script ive made over 500mil, only suggestion at the moment is to tele home when stuck on karamja
  7. jbean94

    Not allowed to visit this page

    My only thought would be to reboot computer and reopen tribot first, then go from there.
  8. jbean94

    Tips for setting up a small RC (Nats) goldfarm?

    I will say i have been crafting over 34k nats a day and 20k cosmics a day on the 3 bots i have, and i have been doing so for over a month. I use erickho123s script as well. working on the forth bot now and non of my bots have hit 91 yet to get these results. (But one is 87 runecrafting so getting close)
  9. jbean94

    Login account

    Under the "View" Tab, hit "Account Manager"
  10. jbean94

    1 account 1 proxy?

    Maxathon is a good/easy browser for proxies as well.
  11. Wondering how many nats people are getting per hour without pots and pre 91, can anyone help me?
  12. Having problems with runecrafting not in the abyss, fire runes instead of using the ring of dueling it just logs out
  13. Hey was wondering if I could get a deal since Ive bought 1 lifetime auth, and I need about 3 more