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  1. Great script, Got 90 range from this script. However got banned two days ago. Only botted 3-4 hours a day, Got done by the bot busting..
  2. Justin, will you update your script to support Easter eggs and rings? Or will I have to download this other user's modified version? cheers
  3. What the actual fuck. I had 30m, just got hacked. Downloaded nothing except for scripts off this website.
  4. I'm stocking up on blues, they are rising.(chose blues because they are the most sought after) next week they are dropping untradeables again, so people will continue demanding phats. And there will be no additional supply coming into the economy, making them temporarily discontinued. I will sell my blues once they hit 6-7m.
  5. Thank god, after a 20 hour dry streak, I have been rewarded with a white, and two greens. I'm back on track. 20 phats thus far.
  6. I'm currently having a huge dry streak. I'm used to getting 4 hats a day, perhaps JaGex deleted and added some new ones. My spot is still unlisted.
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