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  1. https://gyazo.com/2dfb89f3b6a8f1082b9fdd0c7eb5cc41 Does not work. I tried with Food as 1 as well, does not work. It banks everything BUT the cake, and then runs back. It does this with any food I choose... Maybe I'm not understanding it correctly? I tried adding you on skype but you have not added me back. Thanks
  2. Got that fixed with a reboot. However, I am having a banking issue doing stalls. Whatever food I put in my 'food' space on the GUI, it does not bank it regardless of what the number is. I tried cake, and bread. Both on 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. Any insight for me there?
  3. Once Tribot is back up, i'll run 5-6 hrs and see how it performs gp wise.
  4. Poor Worthy, all the hard work put in and Jagex nerf it this hard RIP RIP RIP
  5. I use LG... i literally just said i use osbuddy lol
  6. left mouse speed def, i think 130? using f keys, guest mode osbuddy, all settings on it Turned OFF. barrows, swamp staff, blowdart, serp helm, ring of recoil, RoD gloves, eter boots, fury.. the usual stuff
  7. im anywhere 13-16 kph. not many deaths, but dw never works for me lol
  8. Interesting, okay. Mine never even moves haha. Do u use LG? Lumby or Fally?
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