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Everything posted by rhysyfesie

  1. i dont think this script has been working for a while.dont really know why its still available if know one is working on it??
  2. Is this currently working? Sometimes gui pops up and once you select house it ends script.
  3. yup ill get around to it some time today ?
  4. on the wilderness agility course,when failing to cross the stepping stones it stands in one place and doesn't do anything,then account logs out for inactivity,can you look in to fixing this?
  5. hey mate ive purchased the script,it doesnt start for me when every other script does,it just says "dowloading "script name" and then doesnt do anything,it sits downloading for ages and doesnt do anything?
  6. hey could you please give me a hand setting this script up? just added you on Skype.dying and getting no kills but i must be doing something wrong haha.but yeah please Skype asap cheers bro
  7. this script has died with my stats (99 range and 90 def) in the last 10 kills it has died 10 times.when it dies it sets up inv with gear still in inv and doesn't re-equpt ranging or mage gear.therefore when it does the bot can't even fight the boss.trying some new gear (not void this time) too see how it goes.but if it keeps dying this bot needs a lot of work.
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