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  1. Script doesn't run when being attacked from guards at stalls? It say's being attacked lets run but doesn't actually .. run. Any help cheers?
  2. Hi I've used the tribot client for years now but a lot of the time whilst butting it is laggy (only use one bot at a time). On the odd occasion it will run smoothly. My connection is good and when I play on rs client no lag? Any reason for this? Advice would be appreciated. Cheers
  3. 'The amount of instances for this script have been suparssed cannot run script' I've got premium and I've just activated the 2 hours trial. Any idea what's going on?
  4. I got 99 fish with script - good script but I last used it in feb and now when I try to use again it says my firewall is block your website? Even though your link is on my exceptions list?? Appreciate any advice..
  5. Not sure then tbh I make sure I have brakes every one/one and a half hours and seems to be ok. I think you need to do a load of quests and make your account legit before botting though mate..
  6. Also when fly fishing at seers I get only £15k xp an hour, when walking to and from the bank the bot seems to click and back a forth a lot? Any advice?
  7. I don't understand what's humane about this bot the mouse just stay still whilst I fish no changing tabs looking and xp etc???? Is this the same for everybody else?
  8. I've done what you've advised still white box, I've had to start using another scrip, id rather use yours. As I said it worked fine before so must be something you've changed? I don't have Skype man
  9. Mute I've allowed firewall and try what you've said, still not working. It was working fine before for a few weeks..?
  10. Ive been using and its been fine, however when I try to now start bot the small table to start the box is not opening ? it just a white box..
  11. sm0k3d arr0w

    Human Mouse Implementation

    It does mate.. Don't you think it's slightly harsh that people are getting mislead and paying money for something they're not getting? At least you could make it clear if the 700 spaces where taken up so people wouldn't expect to get it automatically when purchasing vip ext? Not having ago mate im just saying lol
  12. sm0k3d arr0w

    Human Mouse Implementation

    I don't have the time to do this, I specifically purchased extended just for this man, please can you enable it for me? otherwise I've just wasted my money ..
  13. sm0k3d arr0w

    Human Mouse Implementation

    What is going on I purchased vip extended an have the same problem as everyone else.. 'Encryption key not found'..
  14. same as above wtf has been working fine until now??