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  1. I've done what you've advised still white box, I've had to start using another scrip, id rather use yours. As I said it worked fine before so must be something you've changed? I don't have Skype man
  2. Mute I've allowed firewall and try what you've said, still not working. It was working fine before for a few weeks..?
  3. Ive been using and its been fine, however when I try to now start bot the small table to start the box is not opening ? it just a white box..
  4. It does mate.. Don't you think it's slightly harsh that people are getting mislead and paying money for something they're not getting? At least you could make it clear if the 700 spaces where taken up so people wouldn't expect to get it automatically when purchasing vip ext? Not having ago mate im just saying lol
  5. I don't have the time to do this, I specifically purchased extended just for this man, please can you enable it for me? otherwise I've just wasted my money ..
  6. What is going on I purchased vip extended an have the same problem as everyone else.. 'Encryption key not found'..
  7. same as above wtf has been working fine until now??