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  1. Has anybody used cannoning on this script? If so How was it? Does it support cannon use for low hp players (~10hp) if so is a safe spot available? Is bot able to multi task with cannon IE refill with alching at the same time? Thanks.
  2. How prone to bans is the tele/alch at cammy, I tried it for 100 or so tele's but didn't see much anti ban? Has anyone done this for hours and been ok?
  3. I don't know because I've only seen the screen where it's in lumby, why would it home teleport tho
  4. I've noticed on two accounts whilst using seers agility course now and then I get sent back to lumbridge? I have aid off so can't be 'teleother spell' what else would this be I can't think of any randoms that would do this? Is this something jagex have added in to catch out bots? After going to lumby it just trys to run back to seers through white wolf mountain?
  5. Ah I get it - Thanks for your help..
  6. Do you mean in the user panel delete deactivate scrips I do not use? I only have 10 in there to be fair..
  7. I have VIP unlimited so should get unlimited auth's I would of thought? How do I get more auth's and sorry If im being stupid but how do i kill the rogue instances do you mean delete the older scrips? I cannot see the option in the bot panel to get rid of the rouge instances. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I have VIP extended, why cannot i not run the same script on more than one account at the same time? I've tried with running two accounts on the same client and two separate tribot clients as well but still no luck. I use LG and proxy's but don't think that makes a differnce. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi, I started script and it just ended straight away? I'm using proxy & LG - Not sure if that makes a difference? Really keen to try this script.
  10. Hi Fluffee, Ok so I tried running the second Java down (jdk 202) at it work but only on the client you linked.. When I try to run on either runelite or OS buddy I can see it thinking about it then it freezes and cannot start up the client. Any reason for this? Will it be okay to still use the client you linked? I've never used this one before tbf.. Thanks for the solution tho
  11. Hi, I've had looking glass running before but it was a while ago I believe I have the correct files downloaded however when I go to run the bot on 'looking glass' it cannot seem to locate a client and I get the following message. I'm using 32 bit JDK and the two clients I've tried are RS buddy & Rune lite. Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks.
  12. So basically I got it up and running with Runelite, Tried it on a fresh level 3 and was banned within 7/8 hours.. Do people find Looking glass more successful?
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