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  1. Sadly I dont think you can check.
  2. you will 110% get banned. Especially if you are asking this.
  3. Yeah, having a rough time Goldfarming now. Bans are outrageous. Find your method, dont share it and GO HARD. Look on PlayerAuctions.
  4. A "Queue" feature would be nice.
  5. Welcome to Runescape.com/2014.
  6. Still having problems. Any care to help on skype, or explain what i need to do
  7. ►Rune Swap◄ FC/CC We are the friends chat "Rune Swap" which exchanges Runescape 3/Eoc Gold to 07 and 07 gold to Runescape 3/Eoc Gold. Why use Rune Swap FC/CC? We currently offer some of the best exchange rates out of all the swap fcs We Take 5% commison for middle man fees Current Rank Prices Recruit: 150m - Can hold 25m Rs3 Corporal: 250m - Can hold 50m Rs3 Sergeant: 500m - Can hold 100m Rs3 Lieutenant: 1250m - Can hold 250m Rs3 Captain: 3000M - Can hold 750m Rs3 General: *Cannot Be Bought From Start* This rank is earned from Captain rank
  8. I look forward to haerfa's post every time I come back to check the forums. A+ poster.
  9. @TRiLeZ Any solution?
  10. @Dreaming I just tried all of your suggestions, it is still deleting the files in the script folder upon opening tribot. Added you on skype
  11. I have re added my scripts to my local folder after the tribot update, but when I open a new client everything in the script folder is gone. This has only happened since the tribot update. Anyone else experiencing this or know how to fix it?
  12. I dont think you can sell E books on this forum. js.
  13. It clicks on the advertisement, not sure if its just my computer or a problem in general.