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  1. Yeah, having a rough time Goldfarming now. Bans are outrageous. Find your method, dont share it and GO HARD. Look on PlayerAuctions.
  2. A "Queue" feature would be nice.
  3. So you are able to run 30 bots give or take, with your 4770k?
  4. Thanks sooo much man really appreciate the huge hit in profit. Clay is crashing like no other now. A++ for you big boi. Super Duper!!
  5. 15 - 20 max imo, im no expert though
  6. The new skill in 07 is making me bank. Got 15 bots going hard on sailing
  7. Nice upload, but I wish you didnt.. I feel my profit/hr is going to go down now and the ban rate will go up significantly. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Please pm me your skype, always buying. Current price: 90 ea
  9. Ive heard of this happening to "High-Profile" players. There isnt anything you can really do. Jamflex has the right to Delete/ ban your account whenever. You can try emailing them, but I think you should just move on.
  10. efnkje


    Please add pest control support
  11. Im pretty sure Update 8.22_0 had somewhat of a rework. Read more here. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/26027-tribot-release-822-0/
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