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  1. headshot9o9o

    Can we get a Premium Slayer Script?

    I would have too agree 150% with this... id also pay top dollar for premium slayer script.
  2. headshot9o9o

    card keeps getting denied for VIP, paypal? DELETE

    same thing aswell... no matter what i have been able too do. :/
  3. but the things you are talking about... is it the specs on your signature... ? thats kinda obvious then that you can run all that. @Duhstin
  4. my i7 5700hq ( 2.7ghz) ( 3.4 in turbo ) Will start tooo max out at roughly 6 total clients... running windows 10, thats 3 bots total due too the fact i use LG. atleast 85% cpu is being used.
  5. headshot9o9o

    account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    your assumptions are 100% correct... O_O this ordeal is just absolutely messed up.
  6. headshot9o9o

    account temp locked "suspected stolen account"

    thats fucked up... i bought 3 of them around like a week or 2 ago, havnt had any issues so far... but this highly worries me now... O_O @Montreal
  7. headshot9o9o

    Hi I can't seem to purchase VIP

    ever try making a 100% new paypal for this situation and also when buying credits you must be on your main IP.
  8. headshot9o9o

    Bug with Credit Purchase

    when i would try too purchase via coinbase or bitcoin, same shit happened... :/
  9. headshot9o9o

    I need some pc advice, very much appreciate it.

    what are you going too put another i7 in the laptop then? @Deluxes fucking dumbass...
  10. headshot9o9o

    I need some pc advice, very much appreciate it.

    ram... and more ram... and more ram after that.
  11. headshot9o9o

    Cannot purchase credits via Bitcoin

    same goes for me, but im trying too get 15+