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  1. ill send you a message inna bit. im at work and busy rn.
  2. would you be able too atleast get 5? :/
  3. b
  4. Title says it all, need credits asap, paying many ways, just message me.
  5. I would have too agree 150% with this... id also pay top dollar for premium slayer script.
  6. same thing aswell... no matter what i have been able too do. :/
  7. but the things you are talking about... is it the specs on your signature... ? thats kinda obvious then that you can run all that. @Duhstin
  8. my i7 5700hq ( 2.7ghz) ( 3.4 in turbo ) Will start tooo max out at roughly 6 total clients... running windows 10, thats 3 bots total due too the fact i use LG. atleast 85% cpu is being used.
  9. buying ATLEAST 5 Credits Via Paypal or BTC, just message me.
  10. your assumptions are 100% correct... O_O this ordeal is just absolutely messed up.
  11. thats fucked up... i bought 3 of them around like a week or 2 ago, havnt had any issues so far... but this highly worries me now... O_O @Montreal
  12. ever try making a 100% new paypal for this situation and also when buying credits you must be on your main IP.
  13. i would most defiantly get this and just upgrade the ram/GPU ( i like more than enough ram.... more than enough ram is always better than not enough... )
  14. yeah i get that... but theirs just so much need of the little upgrades... Ram.. ( yeah its 4gigs... but you can turn that into 1 stick... and run x2 4Gb and have atleast more than enough ram too run those.) More is always better than not enough... The GPU your limited too a PCI-E 2.0x16 instead of a PCI-E 3.0x16 GPU like the newer graphics card use. CS:GO being the most graphical oriented game that you would be playing, just FYI, on my gaming laptop, i notice graphic lag with a Nvidia 960m ( Specs 640 @ 1029 - 1097 (Boost) MHz 128 Bit @ 5000 MHz)
  15. that pc is absolute garbage....