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  1. Is there a copy on youtube? What was the content?
  2. Ive added you and will try get in touch with you asap Ive PM'd you my skype- feel free to reply through tribot or leave me a message on skype and ill get back to you asap Im on PST.
  3. Moderator is spelled wrong.
  4. You should add them to the OP. Good luck with sales, first example is promising
  5. Sick idea with the "Sigma" letters! Looks a little bit glitchy but just enough for me to notice the upper and lower case. +1
  6. Very impressive! Nice work! (I'd just call it an illustration, although, it is of course vector if made in illustrator)
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys Post or PM for inquiries!
  8. Signatures: Avatars: Thread Layouts: Visit my Behance page below for more! https://www.behance.net/Elefont_