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  1. from what i have seen, 2 scripters working on 1 project is not the best idea. Not to mention you guys are different. naton has quality and skill, but hell i see wasterbro being on forums for looong time yet nothing you could show as an example of "quality" or "good" script. nothing man...while naton already have 5 scripts that ALL of them are perfect and quality. I'm super skeptical about wasterbro and i hope that Naton has a plan of how to maintain the script if wastedbro get droped out of team
  2. it says - walking to area - but it is in that area pretty much, and would sit like that doing nothing while it should walk closer to center of my selected area in script.
  3. This script is absolute broken dude...im not even sure where to start and i have been running it for 10minutes in total. not more.. 1 - it attack revenant even if it's under % i want it to attack. 2 - sleeps before entering cave or moving to cave - dragon pretty much killed me until i entered the cave almost 2 times now 3 - Loots - teleports to edge - teleport back to lava maze with the loot without banking (died with the whole loot from pker too cuz it's super slow, wooohoo) 4 - if pker detected outside cave, it starts to act like..i can't even explain - tries to teleport + eat + hop worlds same time 5 - Walking problems - https://i.gyazo.com/9476996475bf83dabe910b1dd3c67c8d.mp4 6 - does not attack NPC's because can't see them. Cyclop is close to me, but not close enough to me to see it on screen - does not walk to it or anything, just sits in spot saying - Search for NPC 7 - Gets poisoned but does not go to portal after banking to remove the effect..
  4. guywithlsd

    Looking for a good combat script

    I heard cannon mode and safe spotting is always in trouble bugging out in one or another way. You guys tried that - can confirm it was working good for you?
  5. @godspower33 hey, did script break after last update? i get bugged out in clan wars when it takes all supplies i need in bank, close - open bank again - deposit all. Idk whats wrong, i have all the items in bank i need. I tested this on Windows PC too and it gives same problem. https://i.gyazo.com/f541eaee7cf71a19096ee5799b92b7f2.mp4
  6. guywithlsd

    Universal Miner [Free]

    man this script is really...lame idk.. make it like normal working powerminer with some features and sell it for 1$/1month or smth. right now it's really not worth using at all on any type of account. You can't select what rock to mine You can't select area too Drops EVERYTHING from inventory even if it's not ore Runs around random iron ore rocks in mine and mines all of them instead of focusing on 2 rocks - SUPER INEFFICIENT and looks like absolute bot lul
  7. guywithlsd

    September 27th Skilling Update

    it's not fully working as there is still some broken scripts. And i think you have no idea about scripting and bans if you think this update will make any difference : D
  8. when could we expect ge support for this? i would pay some $$ monthly for couple auths if it had it
  9. I cant take a gif of that happening because i run bots on vps's. If i somehow will be able to do that, ill do. And yah, from highscored i can see i run script wayyy longer that anyone else, so maybe they just didn't tested with as much fresh accounts as i did. And it tries to hop even spot is empty. Lets say like this - goes to crash tile. Hops world 3 times, 4th it finds empty world but it still hops for some reason. Happens rarely, maybe because of lagg?
  10. i have just tested my self, and it works. I rushed and i posted before doing full research - it works perfectly, it's just my guy survived way longer then i expected and i was thinking it was in 2nd dream, but it was STILL IN SAME dream. this happened before too, so it's all my own fault of calculating timing wrong. Script is 100% working - thanks for free script man!
  11. @Naton Hello. I am pretty sure script misses break. I can see the status - waiting for game to end - then break, so i would assume it knows it has to break. But when i check my logger, there is so no trace of break handler kicking in. XP/H is also same as without breaks. Could you check it if it works for you? I will try to do tests with this my self later today, but i know that sometimes it does work for sure, but i guess not 100% chance of happening.
  12. @Naton hello. until i get to like 25-40HP every single fresh account i run dies 1-2 times. I started to throw in 2x ring of life into every account i run to be more or less safe from losing gear. I can see it does eat when it is in crash tile so i have really no idea how it can die but somehow it does. Sometimes it would not recognize that there is No player in crab tile and hops from an empty world, so i guess something similar happens with eating, it just misses the point where it should eat and goes to afk state or smth. It's not THAT much of a problem, but one thing for sure - i cannot leave fresh accounts get me some range levels over night without babysitting first hours. I bet there is nothing to fix, so maybe we can have an option to - Wear ring of life if it's not in ring slot? And stopping when out of ammo would be a blessing haha but in general - very nice script, best crab killer i have tried so far
  13. is it a must to have some defence? im thinking making one acc to test this out, but i dont want to get def lvls..?
  14. debug said - Crash detected. Sleep sleep sleep no other info or anything and i stopped by then to re-run and see if i selected world-hop (it was) It is possible that it triggered worldhop limit so it attacked back, but i doubt it as i freshly ran script so it should not have hit limit by that time. I am not 100%. If i will manage to track it down again, i'll report it here.
  15. Script sometimes instead of going to crash tile and hopping force attacks crabs. I checked after i found it doing this - i had selected Hop if crashed, but it pretty much force attacked crabs with another dude in spot.
  16. is this any good? doesn't look like active thread and can't see any updates..so really not sure if worth to buy.
  17. My bots have died total 3 times now. It does not eat while in crash tile so if you are low HP and you have been unlucky you end up dead while trying to hop
  18. @Naton hello again, so i found my guy standing with everything ready next to Dream guy, but it did not started dream for some reason, and got this error
  19. sure, but doesn't it look strange to you that one script fucks up and another does not on same machine? Cuz if it's client related, the it should have same problem on both scripts (?)
  20. Funny thing that your nCrabs don't have this problem and works with breaks perfectly, have not had a single problem with login bot. But when i run NMZ script on same machine it bugs out..??
  21. looks like it works, but if it gets DC it would not login back. but i think its client bug riiight?
  22. @Naton hey, bot does not re-enter dream. Fails to select option when talking with the Dream guy (idk his name) If i start the script AFTER i talk with the Dream guy script continues fine.
  23. guywithlsd

    Pie's ArdyCloak [GE support] [Quick]

    this is very nice, will test sometime later this week!
  24. @Naton hey man, maybe ou had a chance to look into login screen problem i mentioned before?