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  1. guywithlsd

    im tired of seeing commercials about people with cancer

    time to stop waste your time watching TV dude. trust me, it's a waste of time. one of the biggest now days.
  2. YES, i forgot to say that. and now i understand why it did that - i probably had no glory in bank, and it recharges blowpipe in Edge right? so it probably failed walking there.
  3. i'm 99% sure i did because i always reload all clients 2x times but i cannot guarantee. i'll see if i get more of those. also, it's not that it happened straight after starting script u know. it took ~8 hours to happen on both accounts y'day. this night it didn't happened at all on both accounts and clients have not been restart from the previous run.
  4. Started to bug out when banking - walks to a random places around worldmap. one time 10mins safety trigger worked, one time it was standing in that spot without triggering 10min inactivity thing. this started to happen today - december 10-11
  5. guywithlsd

    Christmas Money Advice

    do i don't understand something. how could you get $$ for christmas if it's not even here yet..?
  6. guywithlsd

    Pie's ArdyCloak [GE support] [Quick]

    looks super buggy. i'm stupid i did not take a note on every stuck it had, but it is what it is. Mostly it stuck going from place to place if there is something like - gate / door So far every single of that stuck was fixed by doing little bit of actions my self, like walking few tiles or clicking on gates / doors. It failed in nurse house in the part it had to get distilator - was opening and closing cupboard instead of doors. It stuck at training camp getting inside, couldn't open gates. There was couple more i can't remember. I will take a notes next time i will be using this script.
  7. guywithlsd

    Bot Smart - What it is, and how to do it.

    Show us some examples of your smart botting! i want to see what you achieved following those steps.
  8. It's a residential, so price is way higher the regular proxies. But question is how much legit this guy is, how good those proxies really are. "the proxies should Be able to bot Tut island. My services should be 99% uptime." I mean, should be..so there is big chance you will pay 30$ for something that should be as stated but who knows right LOL
  9. guywithlsd

    Bot Busting

    why you think so? what makes WC more worse method to bot that any other activity? I mean, if you said "something like WC on account you like is not wise to bot". I assume you got some sort of "list" of activities that "is wise to bot on account you like" so i assume you think WC is at higher ban rates then other method you think about. Maybe you can try throw me some examples what is "less dangerous" to bot then WC in your opinion?
  10. every day i get this stuck in GE after teleporting from pkers and then logger spams 10-min inactivity before stopping. No errors what so ever in logger. It's super frustrating to now that almost half of the time i had plans to run script it was not working because of same bugs fucking up botting sessions. Maybe it's time to take some actions about making walking more stable and crash not so often please god
  11. Bot tele'd out of cave and stopped at GE doing nothing. @godspower33
  12. guywithlsd

    Script loading times

    still getting this? and does it depend on script or machine for you?\
  13. @godspower33 hello, found bot crashed in rev caves with errors in spoiler. I was not dead and i had everything in inventory, crashed INSIDE cave ALMOST reached destination (part of cave i kill revs)
  14. guywithlsd

    TRiBot Release 10.11_0

    @TRiLeZ @wastedbro @Encoded Break handler still have that bug of not stopping break when time is up. https://gyazo.com/ce43d0a6c6b08d26fe2a0fd9a1aa2766
  15. mostly now if there is a crash, it is your mentioned situation and then 10min afk timer kicking in. Or like i said, not finding items in bank. OR sometimes in a random place - like its not that often but it happens in many different places without to many "error" logs. My guess is it's mostly about daxwebwalker but idk . But rate is 50/50 with not finding items in bank. I will gather bigger gallery of gif's + crashes in next week and will send you that info. I always do photos of those problems but ending up not posting anywhere.
  16. guywithlsd


    one common thing - all ginger
  17. Did 10mins afker have been removed from kicking in while in breaks? @godspower33 what i have seen so far -- Crash after Death very often with not going anywhere from lumb spot - bank. Often does not find some items in bank - mostly jewelery. 10mins afker after break kicking in is a problem. Tested and it still does that.
  18. man that craw bow makes me pretty much loss not profit lol. 91 rng 40 def 80 cmb. Getting ~1m gp/h and losing about 1m worth of ether every 1-4 hours. + other supplies. at least ~2 deaths an hour. even in morning EU time.
  19. can confirm i get same problems like above ^^
  20. Okay good to know about that, lets hope it will get solved soontm Now, one last thing for now - When you got break, your ten 10 minutes safety trigger kick in of not being active for more then 10 mins) and script will shut it self after break is ended. EDIT -- Found account with this error - standing in lumb bank. It HAD burning ammys so i ASSUME it's the same bug of not finding scales, when bank is not loaded correctly and script can't find items in bank (?) If so - how so others don't get this as often as i do..im using linux VPS with more then enough resources for 1 bot.
  21. Description of bug: Crash in lumby after death - does not continue to work after that LG (Yes/No): no Resize (Yes/no): no Pictures of gear equipped: no Pictures of inventory: row + bp + salve ammy Pictures of screen and/or status: How does it handle break handler? does it go to bank when breaks kick in or does it break at any place - for example in caves?
  22. Description of bug: LG (Yes/No): no Resize (Yes/no): no Pictures of gear equipped: Pictures of inventory: empty Pictures of screen and/or status: GUI settings (you can just list these or leave blank and I will ask about your settings when I contact you) - I have selected correct blowpipe ammo in GUI. How are breaks handled - will it go to bank when break handler kick in? or does it logout as soon as it kicks in, even if acc is in combat at caves for example?
  23. what kind of info you need more? there is nothing more i can provide or at least nothing i know i could provide. ** i saw your respond - I had selected correct ammo in GUI. I assume it end pretty much straight forward - opens bank - look for scale - close bank cuz no scale, logout. second run it was going for 2 hours before stopping. I don't want to charge with more because if i die i lose more.
  24. Second time this have happened. It's 2 out of 2 times when it could not find zulrah scales in bank. Again - in Edgevillie for some reason. @godspower33
  25. Stopped saying out of scales, but i have plenty in bank - visible on screen when you open bank - in 1st default tab. Inventory was empty - blowpipe was banked - i was standing in Edge bank for some reason, even tho i use salve + ring of wealth. I had my equipment on me, only blowpipe was stored in bank.