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  1. to be honest, this meme represent ppl like you more then those whop is making these threads
  2. I talk with proxy and VPS providers now. But idk idk well see what they say
  3. Okay guys, i'll try to explain whats happening, maybe someone got similar problem before. So i have bunch of VPS's from same provider - same ISP / subnet. And i got bunch of proxys from one provider and bunch of VPS's from another provider. One VPS out of all i got fails to run SOME of the proxys. But other VPS's doesn't fail to run same proxy. And i don't get it. That one VPS for some reason rejects some of the proxies that are 100% working on other VPS's - all of them except this one. But again, only SOME of proxys fails to run on this VPS, majority of them works. So it is know that proxy is UP 100% at the test of time, as i run same proxy on another VPS. And i know this same VPS is running bots with other Proxys perfectly fine right now. And i double checked if i have correct IP setting. Any idea what could cause Tribot to fail open client with some of those proxys? I hope it's understandable what i said above, my englano be bronken, thanks.
  4. Used this badboi during beta - Hands down one of the most stable script i used on tribot in long time..DURING BETA!! Not the most "easy to use" script but its super fun and if you can master it (and i bet You can) very rewarding! I recommend this!
  5. prayers are working - idk about world hop, most likely if script use tribots worldhopper, it still could have problems. but scripts that use worldhop for me does not have any problems.
  6. Man i see so much potential for discussions on this..
  7. Wait so you guys not planning to work on this anymore? like - no nieve and other high lvl masters?
  8. i'm totally blind me being blind made you feel confused i guess. don't worry you are fine, you don't need help
  9. he's not acting at all Look again what he said...
  10. I will tell you again (what he told you) - Use Developer mode to fix this issue for now. Obvious this does not change the fact that delaying with such an update for close to week is not normal..
  11. This demon porno /slash/ fucked up text over there - why don't you fix this? looks terrible dude.
  12. there is 2 ways to altar 1st - short way where you run almost straight and you are getting hit by NPC's 2nd - long way where you rung kind of a long path BUT it's 100% safe from NPC's and any damage what so ever - so can be done by 10HP acc's - no defence needed.
  13. Bot goes to break but never comes back from break. Still happens to this date (have been 6+ months). Happens on different java / client versions obviously - cuz its 6+ month old bug. Happens with random scripts - with some more often, with some never (if anyone needs the list of scripts that gives / does not give this bug, PM) Java version:1.8.0._181 Max Heap Size:386 TRiBot client version:10.14.0 Operating System:Linux Screenshots (if any):
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