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  1. so far so good, no stucks anymore. Death per hour number increased tho. But i would guess it's because holidays and more ppl doing activity in general / pking there.
  2. So i ran 3 acc's this morning, after 1.41v (unless update is not live yet) and one account already stuck next to cave. Login bot also failed and stuck in world select screen but that does not have anything to do with the stuck next to cave or with script.
  3. guywithlsd

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer v2 [Pyramid Plunder]

    i did not selected anything about scepter using. Ill try with scepter cuz if not using scepter script is not working atm if im understanding correct. cuz nardah teles are bugged ATM
  4. guywithlsd

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer v2 [Pyramid Plunder]

    ALSO now 2 times it stopped outside pyramid with full inventory of loot - no food. For some reason does not bank. I used Clan wars teleport as banking method this time. And we can see i have Ring of Dueling in inventory.
  5. yes, i did selected in in the GUI under travel tab.
  6. i have 6 accounts im running on 3 auths, 24/7 - i try to do 12h session, but so far, i managed to get 12h session maybe 2-5 times in period of month i use this script. 3 VPS's. Today, i ran again 3 accounts in the morning. all 3 fucked up. 2 fucked up going inside cave. 1 fucked up dying 3 times in a row under 10mins - pretty much didn't avoided any pkers. First 2 acc's didn't crashed straight after starting script, so it's not an obvious bug or anything. ALSO like 99% of the time if it crash outside Cave it does not have any food. I used your new navigation method this morning.
  7. guywithlsd

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer v2 [Pyramid Plunder]

    @Aropupu i select use nardah teles for banking. but it does not take teleport from bank before going to pyramid, takes only antidoe and food. From what i understand, it should take at least 1 nardah teleport before going to pyramid - so it use the tele when out of food / pots to fast banking..?
  8. this one one of the most unstable premium scripts i ever bought and used. It crashes so often that i'm not even sure how to react. Like 50% of the time i run the script it will stop randomly because of walking problems. It happens so often that i feel like i would have made 2x or 3x profit of what i did now if it would have at least decent walker. Those stop's where it just stops randomly in GE / before entering to cave / after it dies..it's really shocking no one speaks about it. on the other hand, i understand why no one is talking about, because how many times can we report about same problems again and again.. and of course there is nothing you can do about it cuz it's DaxWebWalker that fucks up things..but idk how long it's going to be excuse to not doing something to fix them....
  9. guywithlsd

    FC Questing | 15 Quests | GE Support | ABC2 | Open Source

    @Final Calibur hello, i'm really not sure how it is possible, but y'day i ran 1 acc doing Druid Ritual. Today, i want to use it on another account, but quest is not on the list anymore. So im not sure how does that happened? looks like only THAT quest does not appear anymore.
  10. YES, i forgot to say that. and now i understand why it did that - i probably had no glory in bank, and it recharges blowpipe in Edge right? so it probably failed walking there.
  11. i'm 99% sure i did because i always reload all clients 2x times but i cannot guarantee. i'll see if i get more of those. also, it's not that it happened straight after starting script u know. it took ~8 hours to happen on both accounts y'day. this night it didn't happened at all on both accounts and clients have not been restart from the previous run.
  12. Started to bug out when banking - walks to a random places around worldmap. one time 10mins safety trigger worked, one time it was standing in that spot without triggering 10min inactivity thing. this started to happen today - december 10-11
  13. guywithlsd

    Christmas Money Advice

    do i don't understand something. how could you get $$ for christmas if it's not even here yet..?
  14. guywithlsd

    Pie's ArdyCloak [GE support] [Quick]

    looks super buggy. i'm stupid i did not take a note on every stuck it had, but it is what it is. Mostly it stuck going from place to place if there is something like - gate / door So far every single of that stuck was fixed by doing little bit of actions my self, like walking few tiles or clicking on gates / doors. It failed in nurse house in the part it had to get distilator - was opening and closing cupboard instead of doors. It stuck at training camp getting inside, couldn't open gates. There was couple more i can't remember. I will take a notes next time i will be using this script.