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  1. only @TRiLeZ can fix this problem i guess, and dude is not active at all
  2. guywithlsd

    Eagle's Peak

    1st attempt - no problem what so ever. Like someone said - you have to watch for walker not to idle for those 5-10 sec at hill giants if you are lvl 3. Will test with "disableidle" args. Took 20 mins to finish. thanks
  3. Break handler have been fucked up for 6months if not more Tribot still use 3rd party webwalker made by user because it's more stable Lifetime auths was removed - More dev was hired to help tribot stay #1
  4. Good idea - but most likely they would scale the price - you would end up paying even more for the same product.
  5. had same problem happening 2 times for me too. I think this happens when machine is laggy / client in low cpu mode - cannot tell if this is 100% true as my machines are laggy and i do not get this problem that often. Very rarely. but still happens.
  6. yah, it was provider fault. they fixed the problem... cheap price = no quality.
  7. So title - almost 2 days now i cannot open tribot website or run cient on my VPS's and Dedi. I can access any other website but not tribot.org Rally not sure what to do now - contacted vps support but they cannot help so far as they have no idea what could cause my bot not to load / website not to open. I would guess something about VPS ip but i have no idea what could have happened / is happening to my IP's or servers.. P.S. After waiting for mins or so loader happened to show up some how on one of the VPS. Still cannot open website. P.S.S. Dedi runs on windows and VPS runs on Linux.
  8. idk anything about debug info, but i had similar issue. I contacted my VPS + Proxy suppliers, and told them there is something with the internet connection while using their product, looked like VPS i used had some kind of problems so thei solved it and i had no more struggle loading any scripts or clients. I would say try check if your proxys / machine gets no connection problems.
  9. Spams the "Activity time-out" - Account was standing in GE, with 1 ring of wealth equiped (with charges) and one without charges in inventory + regular items like food and RoD
  10. @Encoded Now it got stuck not getting back from break, so here is full brea + script stack trace.. it really sucks that this bug still happens after so many reports / months passed.
  11. exactly, i used script a lot and never had any of these issues. My clients are laggy, but why wouldn't it be laggy if script don't need to run smooth u know. it does not effect XP/H so i increase client tick delay to save CPU to run more bots. I do this for years and never had anything like this happening, or at least i don't remember. I am pretty sure it opened hunter skill guide because anti-ban fucked up - maybe you could remove XP check to avoid this in general (XP checking as antiban is a meme anyways) And i'm not sure why in general there is option to increase game ticks as a CPU saving option IF it can fuck up script so easy(?) maybe its better to remove it so people don't use it? Or maybe there can be safety trigger that detect how much your camera is zoomed and if its changed - change back to what it was. P.S. I have been using other scripts with the same client options on same machine and no other script had anything like this happening (at least not yet)
  12. I also found my account MAX zoomed in - idk how could it max zoom in, but it did. was standing for hours fixing camera angle little bit to all sides every 1 sec..
  13. he cant do anything to market by holding crystals : D
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