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  1. @Einstein doesnt go anywhere or do anything. stays idle. progressive mode. EDITv1 - another acc, close to port sarim EDITv2 - stuck in another place, different error. waiting for tree to spawn when its close to oak tree. Not happy with purchase so far, been only couple hours and both acc's got stuck on different tasks / levels / areas. EDITv3 - here is another random bug after few mins of runining (happened 2 times now) https://i.gyazo.com/8d5bfe116b5926f10cea38e0ef600475.mp4 EDITv4 - So i un-checked everything under Advanced settings / Axes. Still moves tinderbox to first inv slot. EDITv5 - takes like 3-4 minutes to generate another tile for firemaking been running. Eventualy it did fixed it self, but generating that tile 3-4 mins is wayyy to long.
  2. true that - there is no activity from him lol. i never understood ppl comenting about someones english...like all ppl should have same skill of second language or smth (?) you live in a world with 100's of different languages, get used to reading broken english time to time lol
  3. 800k/h with 75 range? t I been using this script for loong time and to get 800k/h with 75 range..is biggest luck you can get. All my acc's would start at 80++ range with salve e or ei and i would see 800k/h proggies..maybe on 1 out of 5 accounts. Not to mentions you need to remove about 250-350k for supplies. tell me what to do to get as much gph as you. I run my bots on dedi + residential ips (doesn't matter tbh, get banned same fast as datacenter prox) + i select to hop only to german / uk worlds if i use EU proxys. I camp giant + ork + hobgoblin. average is like 650k/h with ~80-90 range.
  4. Break-handler still fails on most of scripts
  5. Jeez dude it's like..at some point ppl wount need to use any other scripts on the market but only yours...i smell monopoly.. good job!!
  6. when dinos was walking on the earth and humans looked like monkeys - this script was working, yah. But no one remember those times anymore.
  7. guywithlsd


    well, you could always try do this for "fun" and aim for bigger stats / goals - sell account. It wouldn't be even close to goldfarming profits but if you like botting, it could turn out to some fun experience + pocket money.
  8. just wait 6-8 months and they might push dev build for "potentially fixing the problem"
  9. its aboutk 45k gp/h and 45k wc xp/h + req are high. Do i miss something? this is loot from 10hours of this shit some months ago - taken from youtube video
  10. yah @TRiLeZ time to do something about this..
  11. script stuck at oriana altar, if i start with empty inventory, it stucks after taking out pure ess from bank AND if i start with pure ess in my inventory, it stucks on "waiting for status"
  12. only @TRiLeZ can fix this problem i guess, and dude is not active at all
  13. guywithlsd

    Eagle's Peak

    1st attempt - no problem what so ever. Like someone said - you have to watch for walker not to idle for those 5-10 sec at hill giants if you are lvl 3. Will test with "disableidle" args. Took 20 mins to finish. thanks
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