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  1. guywithlsd

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer [Pyramid Plunder]

    do ppl tend to get banned here? i tested on 2 fresh acc's, both banned over night...i mean they botted 10h only overnight..i would guess this is not top-played content in game, and makes no gp/h so i would assume ban rates are low on such activity..but 2x same night..fuuck man
  2. guywithlsd

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer [Pyramid Plunder]

    @Aropupu hello, i just bought the script. Left it to run overnight - would say it works perfect! wanted to ask you @Aropupu, does it support cakes? if so, how do i use them from inv, just have all 3 peaces of cake in inv before starting script or smth?
  3. guywithlsd

    4/5 bots not logging in after break

    I have seen mines don't go to break if i Run my bot, and i minimize it same second i start it. Now, if i wait a bit (until it goes to break) and then minimizethe client, i would not have this problem.
  4. dude..jsut play the fucking game lol. no one is going to ban you just because your home IP have had bans before.. i'm shocked how much bullshit ppl imagine about bans / flagged ip's and so on.. Probably playing a main with hand would get you ban if you would run f2p farm with 10 accounts 24/7 and play with your main same time they are botting. then it could possibly get flagged along with your other farming accounts even if you don't bot it.. And i'm 120% sure you have no more then few accounts trying to bot here and there..
  5. @Encoded hello. So past few weeks i get A LOT of java heap size errors with this script. I run it on VPS's with like 2 core - 3gb/2gb rams, and still get java heap..that's insane. I tested different locations. Minnows / trawler minigame / fly fishing. When i left my trawlers, i had 1 core @ ~100% second core @ 0% And about 1.1gb rams out of 2gb. And it was stable like that. Now what i have seen is, that most of the time this java heap size happens AFTER bot tries / comes back from break / still is in break. For example - Break ended --> login bot handler -> java heap size error Or - Break for XX amount of time --> java heap size error I was thinking maybe it's VPS. So i bought fresh VPS's from different site, i used different OS (not ubuntu 14.04, not ubuntu 16.04 like before but this time, debian 8) same error. Just to be clear about this - like 2 weeks ago (probs more) before this error started to happen, i used to run 1 fisher with 1gb ram // 1 core cpu with no problems.
  6. guywithlsd

    Changed heap size, multiple clients freeze.

    I get A LOT of java heap size lately from encoded aFisher..Suck because i run 1 bot on 2core cpu + 2gb rams vps with ubuntu 14.04. you should be able to run ~3 bots on those specs if script is not resource hungry. And aFisher should not be resource hungry..
  7. guywithlsd

    Captcha on vps - client bug

    @TRiLeZ @Todd
  8. guywithlsd

    Captcha on vps - client bug

    Any help guys? @Todd @TRiLeZ cloudflare does not answer my ticket, and i'm pretty sure they will tell i have to talk with owners of web who use their services. VPS support tells me same, i have to ask for website that are secured with cloudflare owners to whitelist IP's. It would not be much of problem, if client loader / starter would be resizible, so captcha fits into dam screen. Or at least be able to slide that small screen.
  9. guywithlsd

    Captcha on vps - client bug

    I read that owner of website can whitelist my cloudflare banned IP's. is this true? I mean how long can you guys ignore me? @TRiLeZ @Todd
  10. guywithlsd

    Captcha on vps - client bug

    still waiting for some help @Todd @TRiLeZ
  11. guywithlsd

    Captcha on vps - client bug

    any help?? @Todd @TRiLeZ
  12. try it in f2p world where is bunch of other bots. I think it happens because fishing spot is stacked with bots so when you right click fishing spot you see ALL those bots under fishing options. i hope i explained it understandable lel
  13. guywithlsd

    Captcha on vps - client bug

    so i havn't had this problem for years now...but i got it again. some friends told me they got it too. Fresh new VPS. Ubuntu 14.04 OS. https://gyazo.com/df4c9a0c01a9601c3434af32234fa31c https://gyazo.com/cf2ba6255c1bd7fc5118d6adba53bc9c
  14. sorry i forgot to mention that - Lumb river - Lure fishing.
  15. @Aropupu Bot very often bugs out clicking fishing spot and spam-click with Right mouse button on spot but don't select fishing option. Instead - moves mouse away and repeat that for like 10x times or even more before actually clicking the spot.