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  1. @erickho123 dude you ever replay in this thread? i was interested in testing this out but seeing you not replaying for months scares me as a client tbh
  2. guywithlsd

    [R] Abyss Nature Runecrafting

    what the dude told ^^ thing is, scripters have to pay like 30% tax even on private scripts (lol fucking 30% tax on someones else work..) so they are not going to make anything for as cheap as 50$
  3. guywithlsd

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    hey, was interested if you have made script to take not whole stack of barrows teleport but only 1 or few?
  4. guywithlsd

    Dax Webwalker too much Downtime

    tbh it's a shame that a user have to run side project supported by DONATORS to do the job that the Client should do (while client is p2p and cheapest subscription is 6.5$ and there is like..hundreds if not thousands users monthly...
  5. so it does not work at all or just what i said - don't know when out of ammo / runes?
  6. @Naton hey i would guess it works with magic / range too, it's just it does not know when it's out of runes or ammo right?
  7. i can't even read your bullshit.,..can you stop cry like that? He is active prem scripter, replaying to ppl and what not..obvious he is working on something to fix the problem as he can see that less ppl use his script and so on.. Also, obvious he IGNORES YOU because you look like fkin screaming ginger kid acting like everyone have to do what he want, replay when he wants and so on..So go try PM him or smth, and just wait instead of saying "he made his buck now he abandoned us"
  8. guywithlsd

    Any script to do stronghold security??

    ahh i assume there is none then if you say "nice idea" Maybe you know if there is any script that support Bones to Peaches tabs?
  9. Is there a script on tribot that would work for stornghold of security - with banking and maybe even using teleport to do it faster , get new glory after out of charges?
  10. guywithlsd

    TRiBot CLI Launcher GUI - Compatible With All OS

    looks very nice. Looking at this simple and clear GUI i want to start using it haha but i don't want any test version as i'm not farming much atm
  11. guywithlsd

    [Free][Open Source][JavaFX] nSand Crabs

    hey @Naton would it be possible for you to add smaller indication for Hop option? right now its minimum - 1 minu before hop. Could you make it so we can hop after 10sec's if someone is under me? 1 minute is long enought to get reported for crashing and being bot u know. I have seend most players react to you crashing them instantly, so it's better to hop instantly too haha Also, how does breaking work? it goes to reset aggro tile before break or smth like that?
  12. are you sure about this? cuz i checked ge tracker for clay and it does not look even close to steady price spikes. Looks way more like merch clan pumping price then dumping item. there are spikes where they either buy shit tons of clay or sell at same day / time. I doubt there is anything to change in general about f2p bots. If they would manage to step up their system that it would effect bots so much to increase price that much..botting in general would be stopped or at least you would see major changes in A LOT more items, not just few mats. Atm there is only 1 item like that - Clay. Well, iron ore too, so my best bet would be - they profiled couple places like - varrock west mine or smth like that, so few f2p farmers who used to run 20acc's every night are not doing that anymore - you got clay price pump. but thats not the case, at least for clay.
  13. guywithlsd

    World hopping is broken with just about every script

    offer scripter to add this - it sucks devs can't fucking add normal hopper but can add some random bug fixes that no one really need (resizible mode for example..why would you even try to fix that when world hopper goes shit every week after world list update..?) but thank god we have some heroes like encoded who makes stuff like this.
  14. guywithlsd

    Buying vs creating accounts - specific

    never seen website like that lol most likely they sell acc to you, and they recover it back after couple months. because ip's and even location is changed, they get some of them unbanned. Prices for account's there are stupid low . G mauler with 77 str + 91 fletch for 10m...? or like obby mauler with almost 70str for 8mils.. that 110% scam dude.
  15. i remember you told me you use you custom loggin bot / world hop? maybe it's something in your code then that makes it happen? Cuz im sure no matter what problem, it's not Client related. And i have teleted tribot / tried it on VPS too, same thing happens. I will do what you offer tho and see what happens,