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  1. U can. I didnt as its cheaper. And for effective anciant u need stack monsters correct so idk.
  2. I did month ago. Best magic attack bonus and that...how is it...fire battlestaff that makes your regular book with fire wave hit around 13 or so...so far get like 70k xp/h or smth..
  3. I will. I lov heavy outdoors ant hard trails and everything.. man, i come to live to canada for 1 years + 3 months stay in usa with only 1 ~30 liters backpack lol.im ready for anything.
  4. Ok guy so somehow i came here, to LA ( plan was canada lol ) and i'm going to move to north ( not sure about city, will edit when i know the name) and plan is to trim plants in weed farm. Anyways, question is is it possible to buy or find cheap 3g internet plan with good speed and alot if data? If i could renew my bot farm while sitting in mountains and working would be something...very good for me : D
  5. have used it long time ago..like, few scripts to make tuna potato or that strange food that has fkin high price (~2kea). I tryed alot, but everything that needs walking is buggy af. You can do bankstand stuff only basicly. Ohhh, and i remember..i had this script to sell mithril and gold ore to thzaar shop with karamja glove 1, so you get tons of tokkuls if you buy ores @ good price (pre-GE). Then, i was buying onyx and making furys with my bad ass pure and selling on zybez market u know..where ppl was merching / selling stuff 24/7. So yh, good days man, remember selling like 50+ onyx ( furys was sold not in bulk, but with bot in w2) to a guy few times..he 100% knew i was doing this NOT legit lol. No bans recived at all doing htat stuff back then lol
  6. no, you need atleast 1.5sec i would say to work okay if internet have no lags, even 1 sec is fine.I have 1sec dalys in script + laggy client with slow internet.
  7. Old. Buggy. Lack of features. Not user friendly. Limited usage to bankstanding skills. But still does the job. One of the best script to have if you have main or w/e and u need those small tasks to be done. Would be beast script if it had more work put into it. https://gyazo.com/7535be9bfc276b8351dd40ba2ea5dc2d
  8. what about ip / account creation? tut island everything..i mean, can you automate everything from account creation? If so, how? I mean, u need to have somekind of multi script or smth that does everything? I can imagine muling isn't hard sinc your 40 bots farm probably same thing? And what about falgged ip, its obvious that your ip is flagged sameday you start those 40 bots..and buying proxys for f2p? No way... F2p huge farms allways looked intresting to me....not good money - no accounts with progress done, but no risk too.
  9. private aio fighter with safe spot support, not tribot tho.
  10. How was the test run? Was thinking about getting few cons lvl's.
  11. The difference is that big, that i have 5 accounts right now - they bot absolutaly same amount of time. One acc - still half way to 73 fishing, 2 acc's at close to 76 and 2 accs in the middle of 78. Like, can this abcl2 be that different? Like, best acc get 21k/h xp while worst acc gets 10k xp/h.
  12. you wouldn't pull 2m/day, probably even with fruit trees + cactus
  13. The damage of NMZ can be seen easly.
  14. yah, i missed threads. sorry. Still, alcher is working bad, and not casting anything on npc. maybe try test yourself.