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  1. is it a must to have some defence? im thinking making one acc to test this out, but i dont want to get def lvls..?
  2. debug said - Crash detected. Sleep sleep sleep no other info or anything and i stopped by then to re-run and see if i selected world-hop (it was) It is possible that it triggered worldhop limit so it attacked back, but i doubt it as i freshly ran script so it should not have hit limit by that time. I am not 100%. If i will manage to track it down again, i'll report it here.
  3. Script sometimes instead of going to crash tile and hopping force attacks crabs. I checked after i found it doing this - i had selected Hop if crashed, but it pretty much force attacked crabs with another dude in spot.
  4. is this any good? doesn't look like active thread and can't see any updates..so really not sure if worth to buy.
  5. My bots have died total 3 times now. It does not eat while in crash tile so if you are low HP and you have been unlucky you end up dead while trying to hop
  6. @Naton hello again, so i found my guy standing with everything ready next to Dream guy, but it did not started dream for some reason, and got this error
  7. sure, but doesn't it look strange to you that one script fucks up and another does not on same machine? Cuz if it's client related, the it should have same problem on both scripts (?)
  8. Funny thing that your nCrabs don't have this problem and works with breaks perfectly, have not had a single problem with login bot. But when i run NMZ script on same machine it bugs out..??
  9. looks like it works, but if it gets DC it would not login back. but i think its client bug riiight?
  10. @Naton hey, bot does not re-enter dream. Fails to select option when talking with the Dream guy (idk his name) If i start the script AFTER i talk with the Dream guy script continues fine.
  11. guywithlsd

    Pie's ArdyCloak [GE support] [Quick]

    this is very nice, will test sometime later this week!
  12. @Naton hey man, maybe ou had a chance to look into login screen problem i mentioned before?
  13. @Naton you had a chance look into login screen issue? i can't see other complaining so i start to think it's on my end problem
  14. every purchase is separate - so you will get another 2 instances for 30 days. EDIT - @Naton hey man, so bot is crashing at crab location, near m Hop tile. I updated client this morning so it should be fixed from y'das update i guess (?) As we can see, this happened right before break handler kicked in. This have happened couple times now. Today and y'days day i think. https://gyazo.com/b2a410e90eb8cb1dd300da5aec5b53cf EDITv2 - looks like it happens because it does not click on second screen "Click here to Play" after logging in. If i click it manual it works from there.
  15. there was an update like 1 hour ago...and its thursday.. you should know that after update it needs some time for some stuff to work again...jeez dude, you started to bot y'day or smth