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  1. this was fixed months ago and it was confirmed then using tabs is SAFE and working now. I have been using tabs for month at least and never had any problems. Tonight happened 2 thing. 1st - bots goes to bank for break. This is not right in my opinion - i offered to add option in GUI where you select a Tile and it goes there to break - would allow us to us bot in area where DaxWebWalker does not cover. Cuz now, my bot went to bank and stuck there for 8 hours standing and saying "walking to safespot". Pretty much same problem like with food that was mentioned above. Second - idk what happened, account was standing in a zone i selected and had everything it needed to continue killing NPC's. But it crashed.
  2. Only naton can come with something fresh out of the box and shock everyone with quality! Will try this out 100%
  3. well, ranging potions is really *a must* thing to have in my opinion. ALSO - bug report here - Even if i select Stop script when out of food, it would still walk to bank for more. and i kill npc's where dax webwalker does not cover so it stuck in bank saying "walking to safespot" EDIT - GUI becomes unresponsive when you run second TAB in client. So for example, if u run script in 1st tab GUI will scan for NPC's around. But if u run script in 2nd TAB that was opened after 1st one loaded, NPC scanning does not work, and if you click refresh nothing happens.
  4. @Netami hey, script use a lot of ram. at least for me, this looks a bit too much for just walking to bank or killing NPC's (?)
  5. Stuck on hopping world / going inside cave. Or maybe stuck AFTER worldhop, idk. I also think anti-pk is somewhat struggling. I bot only in lower end of cave where you can almost always teleout instantly and yet it fails so much.
  6. guywithlsd

    TRiBot Release 10.13_0

    is this considered as a fix for all those problems with break handler? (mostly not kicking in breaks or not coming back after break finished) @TRiLeZ @Encoded
  7. it's made to be like that. if you start logged in - client will grab your info and use it later to log back in to same account. But that's really off-topic question...
  8. next time copy paste BREAK handler stack trace too!
  9. @Netami hi. so script (just like many others) fails to comeback from break sometimes. The problem is client related, that is not fixed for 6 months i guess. how stupid right..? Anyways, if you could go to any of the devs / trilez, and report this, it would be great. I have done this few times, im sure other have reported this too.. maybe they will listen for scripter more then they listen to regular guys. Ppl talking how to fix it or what could cause it @Laniax i ping you here dude, cuz if you remember, i asked for a refund because of this problem. maybe you can see anything useful in those chats that could help solve it.
  10. @@Netami hello i bought this script when it was freshly released. GUI was buggy and would fail most of times to run. Same thing now... I cannot select spell / attack index. does not open the bar. Does not add task too. Not even sure what does it stand for - items to equip. when it equips them? what items? is it need to be added by name or by id? https://i.gyazo.com/1bf933ac10ed2637cd46d990e4cfa2a8.mp4 Here is another problem. I click Start - but nothing happens. I mean, i tied to leave GUI as default as possible, but it fails. https://i.gyazo.com/fff34e4a665dfc0a3ef97cc8b2ffd0f8.mp4 After i cannot run the script - i close the GUI, i press stop script, but nothing happens. Script does not stop ever. I have to pretty much kill the client to be able use it again... Not even sure why there is no ranged potions support if there is safe-spot option? P.S. I run this on Linux server.
  11. guywithlsd

    Pie's Rogues' Den

    This - always stuck there @EasyAsPieee
  12. @Laniax Okay, so if you remember, i asked in your discord if this script has any problems with login handler. So, i can confirm it does. Started break but never stopped it and got stuck in break. And this is Break handler stack trace @TRiLeZ
  13. guywithlsd

    Break Handler Not Working.

  14. guywithlsd

    Proxy Ban

    i will