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  1. When u Start up Tribot in the login client u Can see some Cloudflare Captcha at the right where it should say Happy botting, then u got banned by cloudflare u need to change ur ip thats why it wouldnt show the scripts guys
  2. Hey guys My tribot is not showing my scripts anymore i cant see any script when i Click Start Script it just happend now everything was going flawless for months before any1 can help?
  3. Bought 20m a couple times, fastest support you will find when it comes to buying/selling both 07 and rs3 gold. much +/<3
  4. Im searching for a good flawless Chinn script or for some1 who cud make one. im searching for the best scripters
  5. This script made me die just bought it, it just flicks prayer in the Tunnel , and while i was afk it died at chinning spot ... something is wrong i hope u fix it very fast just bought the script for nothing
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