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  1. update for you, since my hardcore iron man was banned for two days using this script, i have; i created the new account on my workplace IP address and purchased two private proxies. first proxy has been used on my iron man which got unbanned after two days second proxy has been used on my new hardcore iron man account since then, i have achieved 99 firemaking on my account which was banned originally. I will continue to suicide bot the account using looking glass and the proxy (i am a perfectionist and since it has a black mark for macroing i dont like the account) the new account i made, however i manually completed tutorial island, manually accomplished 50 firemaking, gathered clue hunter warm clothing gear, and went straight to wintertodt. Since this script is in beta and is one of the only wintertodt scripts around, although this is a great script and i am a religious tribot user and have been for many years, i decided to try out a premium wintertodt script over at OSBot, mainly because it fixes the brazier and i wanted construction exp so far, the account is 90 firemaking and has not been banned yet, botting between 5-8 hours a day. i'll keep you updated bare in mind though, OSbots MIRROR mode (rip off of tribots looking glass) does not support proxies like tribot does. So i've been using my private proxy via "proxifier" a free application.
  2. yeah also got me banned. were you using LG and proxy?
  3. yes finally! you should make this paid. I dont think there are any other wi ntertodt scripts anywhere? ill happily pay. please also make it fix the brazier as one of the first updates!!! thanks
  4. Mate read my post above ^ I dont think it was Tri's because I got banned and the only script i'd used on the account was this one. Did you use a proxy? did you use looking glass? my longest period botted straight was 6 or 7 hours. You botted nearly 25 hours straight in your progress pic? i'm guessing 25 hours is what got you banned. Did you use breaks?
  5. no. the account was a hardcore iron man played from day 1 of release of hardcore. had 50 quest points, around 800 total, and was played 100% legit up until wintertodt. Nothing other than wintertodt was botted. So it must have been this script unfortunately. The ONLY thing I can think I did wrong, is that i wasn't using looking glass. I was not using a proxy, however my IP is dynamic and changes frequently, and also I dont have a bot farm, this is the only account i was botting and the only account i play. The longest I botted in a day was 6 hours. bit dissapointing, but the risk you take EDIT: I'm gonna make another hardcore iron man and try again. - created a new account on my WORK PLACE IP address (not home where other account was banned) - purchased private proxy and will use with looking glass + OSBuddy - currently working on 50 firemaking LEGIT and will get clue hunter gear, cakes and go straight to wintertodt
  6. Banned 86 fm
  7. can anyone confirm if bot logs out when out of food in the bank? or does it continue and die?
  8. more details? first ban i've heard of. how long did you bot for straight? did you use breaks? what settings? i'm happy to donate/pay for this scriptis it possible to add fix brazier [email protected]
  9. actually no you do get construction exp. look at any of the guys that have done 50-99 with brand new accounts, level 3 with 10hp, end up with 50ish fletch, 60ish wc 99 fm and 30ish construction..... has nayone been banned from this yet?
  10. i'll ask again - can someone please advise why i am not receiving any construction exp? I have purchased a house in rimmington. have got 0 construction exp with this bot, however are currently at 46 wintertodt kills.
  11. damn dude, you should make this premium seriously. works very well. however the fact that even when depositing only one crate, it deposits ALL, looks a bit suss. also 4 cakes a withdraw 'x' food option and eat 'to' hp value would be awesome EDIT: can someone advise why im not getting construction exp? i've bought a house in falidor for 1k. still not getting construct exp. Ive never entered the house though if that makes a difference?
  12. explains why my main thats never been botted, got banned after 10 mins of botted agility in Deadman mode the other day. straight out permanant ban too
  13. script works fine for me. however i've had two accounts banned almost instantly after botting for just a few hours. Not entirely sure if this is the scripts fault (i doubt it) or just that jagex are ontop of things these days.
  14. this is a great script. please implement an "ID" option for food or if you could add potato with cheese as a food option that would be awesome.. thanks
  15. script works well for me. not sure what you two are on about.