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  1. explains why my main thats never been botted, got banned after 10 mins of botted agility in Deadman mode the other day. straight out permanant ban too
  2. script works fine for me. however i've had two accounts banned almost instantly after botting for just a few hours. Not entirely sure if this is the scripts fault (i doubt it) or just that jagex are ontop of things these days.
  3. this is a great script. please implement an "ID" option for food or if you could add potato with cheese as a food option that would be awesome.. thanks
  4. i am not using looking glass, is there any way to turn off the GUI so i can read if anyone talks to me?
  5. Hi! i just purchased and i have only magpie dragon and ninja selected however its catching others?? please help
  6. same thing happening to me. ive left it sitting there for an hour now. nothing.
  7. Hi Mute, I've added you on skype...i'm unable to get in contact with you on there....I've also posted on here numerous times and got no response...the script is an awesome script when it works, but it currently isn't at all... I'm not angry, just looking for some assistance... Maybe the problem getting into contact with you is due to the fact i am based in australia, and our timezones may be very different. Now I can get some screenshots if required, but I'm sure you know what i mean when i explain that the script is getting stuck when - attempting to use the grand exchange spirit tree to teleport to the Gnome stronghold - attempts to get a new task from nieve - attempts to use the talvary dungeon agility pipe shortcut for lesser demons tasks if you need anymore information please let me know. prior to all this, the script was fantastic, so once everything is fixed up, dont hesitate to purchase everyone!
  8. Any idea when the interfaces will be updated? script is currently completely broken, unable to get a new task
  9. this script is awesome. but yes, unfortunately it is getting stuck for me on a lesser demons task. It goes down the talvery dungeon ladder, goes through the pipe and gets stuck spam clicking on the pipe obstacle shortcut in the blue dragons area. also its broken fails to teleport with spirit tree at the grand exchange. Doesn't click on "Gnome Stronghold just hovers over it. This is for a fire giant task. any chance of getting some time extended as i've purchased a month time for this script and the next day the RS update broke it.
  10. script starts now. but it sits there spam clicking the bank settings button and does nothing else.
  11. yah i bought this and the next day was the update so havent been able to use it....pretty mad
  12. can anyone help. I can't even start the script. i set all my settings hit start and get this error. [18:32:28] Downloading script 'Mute's AIOSlayer'. [18:32:38] Script Started: Mute's AIOSlayer. [18:33:28] Pin bot started. [18:33:31] Pin bot succeeded [18:35:21] Script Ended: Mute's AIOSlayer. [18:35:27] Downloading script 'Mute's AIOSlayer'. [18:35:36] Script Started: Mute's AIOSlayer. [18:36:33] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1 [18:36:33] at org.tribot.api2007.Projection.tileToScreen(ri:96) [18:36:33] at org.tribot.api2007.types.RSObject.isOnScreen(lj:659) [18:36:33] at org.tribot.api2007.Banking.openBank(hp:235) [18:36:33] at scripts.slayer.functions.b.u.j(Bank.java:40) [18:36:33] at scripts.slayer.functions.b.u.M(Bank.java:308) [18:36:33] at scripts.slayer.functions.b.u.G(Bank.java:821) [18:36:33] at scripts.slayer.functions.b.u.g(Bank.java:484) [18:36:33] at scripts.slayer.tasks.a.k.K(TaskInfo.java:93) [18:36:33] at scripts.slayer.Slayer.run(Slayer.java:589) [18:36:33] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [18:36:33] Script Ended: Mute's AIOSlayer.
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