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  1. new to tribot, how effective is looking glass and do you automatically get it when you purhcase VIP-E?
  2. My ban meter is half way with 2 offenses (both over a year old). One has expired and one has not. I was wondering if upon my 3rd offense I will be permanently banned. I plan on using the NMZ bot. Will I be permanently banned if I get caught?
  3. what I meant was, Will I be permenantly banned upon 1 more offense? i dont care about lesser bans
  4. The ban meter on my account is halfway, with my last offense being 10 months ago. According to the ban meter I'm still in the green (safe). I was wondering if I will be permanently banned upon my next offense for botting, as I've had 2 minor botting offenses on the account. My first offense for botting has expired, but the second offense is still up. I would prob be using the NMZ bot btw