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  1. Nation once these are finished i'll buy them Premium and see if i can get 99 in both Thanks for the reply some scripters are ignorant as F
  2. used NMZ script to 99 range on like 3 accounts mate and 99 deffence on a range tank and 99 strengh on a pure flawless probs better anyways blowpipe 75-99 range in around 10-15 days pulls 100k a hour at 88+ range with addy darts
  3. Been minning Iron for about 60+ hours on 3 accounts 3 diffrent proxies One accounts a Maxed range tank getting minning for DSLAYER 2 Quest, level 3 with 86 mining from minning iron and one with 75 minning. Consider paying for ur scripts Im using AMiner Primeum script from @Aropupu
  4. Nation get a Cooking script up and running all the ones i've used from tribot outdated no antiban preium ILL PAY!! Are the NCRAFTER Nfletcher going to be premium after testing?
  5. + 1 to this, when i normally wood cut i click a Tree then mouse off screen untill i hear the tree chopped or notice it down Great addition to make it more human like 110% Agree This woodcutter is beautifully made tho Great work i've been babysitting a custom Wcing Area for a while and its been flawless for me would 100% Like to have it move mouse off screen after clicking a tree
  6. @Einstein I Know this is not a proper bug report but have you looked into this at all? its my preferd spot as i've ran the bot at shillo and it has no option for shillo, Love your woodcutter and i'm yet to try the miner. looking forward to using this just any idea if you're adding Shillo Fly fishing? i'll purchase immediately if so UPDATE: tested it does not bank at Tree Gnome stronghold Qoute correct. RE:Edit 4 days later baught the script working(Some locations) fine EXP rates slow not good for gold farmer but will reduce ban chance 110% Another question Can you add the same customisation for your Woodcutting bot? ABC Customisation EINSTEIN Woodcutter's customisation is far superior Unsure why they're not the same customsation level nothing to customise really making every botter the same. Just tryna help Better bot = more sales
  7. I've downloaded client extracted it into a folder with winrar, no idea how to launch it? Please help how do i even run the client in general what do i do?
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