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  1. im trusted member im selling daily 50-100m pm if you want. im not going first with you till you trusted
  2. Selling daily 50-100m via skrill only . lowest price from everywhere around 2,3-2,5 per 1m Skype "gp4mmo"
  3. No that mean u made too many accounts from your ip... not detectble and the best when creat a new account is to create from other ips, vps. everything not correspond with ur regular ip no ban
  4. I bought on their website a vps virtual computer and waited to open my server. I waited from Friday to Tuesday even if they say they work Monday to Saturday. http://carbonhost.org/ they didnt even answer in 5 days on my email..
  5. Still can't bot i made new account after 100+ banned and after 2hours on chickens loged out and next day just when tried to log in was banned and did nothing
  6. gp4mmo


    all day or just morning?
  7. you can use wireless /router for static ip but every time you reset your router will change your ip but not everytime like direct. I have same dynamic ip also and is the best thing happen to me.. more easy to bot
  8. add me on skype to discuss got 50-150m 07 daily to sell
  9. im selling 07 gold daily 50-150m add me on skype and tell me what price you can buy im not going first you dont have feadbacks. I am trust member
  10. Sorry guys was gone on vacation now im online and selling please pm on skype or forum
  11. when you bot you dont get warning lol
  12. i got almost 68 bots banned in 5 days since easter
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